Daffodils And A Chicken Photo-shoot

It such a beautiful day today I thought I would hang outside with the camera for a bit…

I love daffodils! They are so pretty, they remind me of little fairy skirts. Yellow is such a happy color too, don’t you think?

                                                                                                                                                                   They grow wild near us and we would always go on nature walks and pick arm loads of them and bring them back home. The sweetness filled our house.  Mrs. Cottage and Grandma Cottage always loved this time of year because of it. 

Here we are as little girls picking them to bring home.  It was so wonderful to see the snow melt away and see the green shoots peeking up.  A sure promise of sunshine again.

Spring is always a wonderful time here at the cottage.  We love going on walks in the country and loading ourselves with the beautiful blooms that grow wild there.  We loved to fill grandmas arms with the wild daffodils when we got home and see her eyes light up with joy. 

When company would come we would take them with us and let them enjoy the picking of wildflowers.
Here we are again in our front yard surrounded in purple blooms. It is a sign of the coming of spring. The grass turns green and the sunshine grows stronger and our yard erupts into a riot of color.

After a long winter I thought I would do a chicken photo-shoot as they were enjoying the late afternoon sunshine. I’m so happy that it is getting dark later now, I hate how short winter days are.

This one looks like it has not had it’s coffee yet. Maybe we will come back to them later.

Peeking in to say “Hi”
Girl Gone Broody. This is my girl Misty. She is a silkie and silkies make great setters. They will sit on anyones eggs.  She is best friends of my 50# Turkey named Winter. She will sit on Winter’s eggs too. 

Enjoying sweet sunshine. 

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