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Dear Dad’s – 22 Things You Should Know

There was a book written years ago called ‘Parenting Isn’t For Cowards’ and it isn’t any less true today than it was when the book was written. That is why we are offering this post on 22 of the things you should know when raising children. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but just a few things we came up with.

22 Things You Should Know

  • Something children could never hear enough is I Love You. Tell them you love them. A lot. Many an adult has an empty place in their hearts for those precious three words from their parents.
  • Know that from day one, she’ll always be your little princess and you will be her superhero. That he will be your biggest fan, but you have to put in an effort to keep her close to you.
  • Let him help you around the house or with your work. Take let her try to pound the nail. It will make them feel special.
  • Ask them to teach you something that they are good at, and you’re not as good at and the act interested as she does so. It will make her feel important.
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Things You Should Know About Your Relationship With Her Mom


  • Talk to her momma with respect, she’ll expect the same one day and he will learn how to treat his wife.
  • Make promises and keep them. The only heartbreak in their lives should be from people who don’t know how special they are.
  • Work stuff out with her momma in front of her, without yelling- she’ll learn that her opinion matters and that this is how a family is supposed to work.
  • Show your sensitive side to them and their mom, they’ll see that it doesn’t make you look weak to love others.
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Things You Should Know About Encouraging


  • Encourage them to do new things because you want them to grow and you and God have their back. Take the time to teach them to do it even though it would take so much less time to do it yourself. 
  • Encourage them and their mother often. Tell them you are proud of them. Do you know how many wish with all their hearts to hear their father say that they are proud of them?  Many.
  • Teach them things that you know well and encourage them to help you do it. Practice makes perfect.
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Act as if you care about their interests no matter how different they are from your own.

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  • If you wouldn’t say it to your pastor, don’t say it to or in front of your child.
  • When they come to you with a problem, listen. They’ll come back to you instead of going to someone else.

Things You Should Know About Walking Out Your Faith


  • Don’t lie. Not even not in front of them. Be honest and let them see that you are a person that is honest and has integrity. 
  • Talk about Godly people in front of them, read books about godly men and women, they’ll aspire to be like them.
  • Encourage them to read their bibles early in life. It is an instruction manual for life and can help you avoid life’s pitfalls


  • Let them see you pray. It is important for them to see a godly man walking out his faith. Let them see you put God first, and serving others in your walk with Christ.
  • Stand up against injustice and for the oppressed, care for the widow and the orphan. You’ll show that loving our neighbor and having compassion is not a weakness and no matter what anyone else says, doing what’s is right is never inferior but it is what we are called to do.

Things You Should Know About Being An Example

  • If you and your wife lead by my example chances are you won’t have to chase off the “bad boys” and “bad girls. They will want better.
  • Be the shoulder they can cry on- the person they can turn to.
  • Open the door for your daughter and your wife because they are ladies.  Teach him to do the same. 


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