DIY Burlap and Gerber Daisy Napkin Rings

Today’s DIY project are these fun fall napkin rings! These are going to be perfect for all of your fall table settings. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

 You are going to need:

Paper Towel Rolls Cut To Size

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Step 1. Cut paper rolls in the size needed for your napkin holders.

Step 2. Cut a burlap strip to cover the roll.

Step 3. Using the hot glue gun, run a strip of glue across the roll.

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Step 4. Press burlap against glue, continue laying rows of glue and pressing the burlap until you reach the end. Please be careful it will burn your fingers if you touch it.

Step 5. Squeeze a circle of glue into the center over the raw ends.

Step 6. Press flower onto the glue and hold until it cools.

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