DIY Collage Art Work

If you have been following us on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen the pictures of the artwork we did for the living room. We’ve gotten so many questions about it, we decided to go ahead and make a tutorial so you can do it too!
First off we used PicMonkey to make a collage of some of our favorite photos. We used a sepia filter over the top. Then headed over to Staples and order a 36×40 color engineering print for 11 dollars and some change. 

Then Mr. Cottage and I made a quick run to the hardware store, A.K.A. his favorite store and picked up a 1/4″ sheet of wood. We had them cut it down to the size we wanted there. We had them cut it wider than the actual print, then when we got home we marked how far over the print would come.

 Then following that line we placed a strip of painters tape.

We used American Paint Company in Uncle Sam to paint it.

Just one coat gave it the kind of weathered white washed look we were wanting.

After that was dry we covered the unpainted section of wood with mod podge and the laid the print over the top. We had to work quickly because it dried really fast, make sure there aren’t any wrinkles in the paper. But don’t push really hard or you will tear the paper. We found using a roller worked really well, but you can just use your hands.

Next using PicMonkey again we found a script we liked and printed the words. We actually split the word in half to keep all the letters the same size.

Using a pencil or a sharp pointed object trace the letters. Don’t worry about tearing the templets.

Next lightly trace over the lines with a pencil.

Using a fine tipped paint brush paint in the letters.

When that dries, we used 19 gauge galvanized steel wire and 1/4″ staples to hang it.

Twist the wire into a knot at the ends so that it won’t slip through the staples.

Staple the wire to the back of the wood.

Stick the felt pads on each of the four corners so that it doesn’t scratch your wall up.

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