Gorgeous DIY Easter Egg Garland In 4 Easy Steps

Looking for the perfect garland for Easter this year? How about a beautiful DIY Easter egg garland? This garland is so easy to make and will look stunning in your home this Easter. You can often find one strung across our mantel when spring arrives to give the room a little cheer. 

In 4 easy steps, you will have your own Easter egg garland to hang where you wish! This is a great project to do with older kids or friends to make the work go a bit faster but can easily be done on your own. 

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DIY Easter Egg Garland

I love everything about spring, especially the fact that the hens begin laying again! Yippie! Which means eggs to turn into projects like a DIY Easter egg garland.  We’ve made these DIY Easter egg garlands a couple of times in the past, and I’m always surprised by how gorgeous the garland turns out.

It’s especially fun if you have rainbow layers like we do because then you can mix up the colors in your garland. My favorites to use are blue and green eggs. You can also dye eggs to achieve the colors you want. Or reach out to local small farms to see if they have any you can purchase. 

What you need to make a DIY egg garland:

  • Eggs (real, faux, or plastic will work for this project)
  • Yarn, Ribbon, or Twine
  • Sharp needle, or skewer
  • Straw (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Bowl to hold the egg yoke and whites

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DIY Easter Egg Garland Tutorial

DIY Easter Egg Garland Step 1: Poke a hole at each end of a clean egg, there are two methods for removing the insides of the egg 1) place one of the holes against your lips and blowing until the insides have been removed or 2)  stick a straw over one of the holes and blow. Try not to make the hole in the eggs too large and don’t squeeze or press the straw too hard. 

Now that you have a bunch of egg yolk/egg whites that you need to use try this delicious egg casserole recipe or egg asparagus quiche

DIY Easter Egg Garland Step 2: Wash the eggs that you have blown thoroughly and allow them to dry well.

DIY Easter Egg Garland Step 3: Tie a knot in one end of the string, rope, or ribbon you want it to be big enough that the egg won’t slip over it. Make sure you leave enough extra to hand your garland when it is complete. 

DIY Easter Egg Garland Step 4: Gently push the string through both holes in the egg, it may be easier to do with a long needle rather than just by your fingers.  Continue adding eggs until you reach your desired length. Tie another knot in the string and you are done and hang!


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