DIY Egg Garland Tutorial

One of my favorite things to decorate for is spring! I love the colors, the flowers, the baby animals (you know me- I love baby animals), ok I admit it I love everything about it. A few years ago I made this egg garland out of a bunch of our chicken’s eggs. This is super easy to make and so cute! The perfect touch of farmhouse spring! 
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Yarn or Twine
Step 1: 
Poke a hole at each end of the egg and use grandma’s method of blowing eggs – by putting her lips on one end of the egg and blowing- or my method -sticking a straw over one of the holes and blowing-. Wash the eggs thoroughly and allow to dry.  
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Step 2:
Tie a knot in one end of the string, you want it big enough that the egg won’t slip over it. Gently push the string through both holes in the egg, continue adding eggs until you reach your desired length. Tie another knot in the string and you are done.

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