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DIY Egg Garland Tutorial

Egg Garland Tutorial

Spring has sprung and it is time to decorate.  Pulling down all of the winter decor we now start thinking about color and flowers. One of my favorite things to decorate for is spring! I love the colors, the flowers, the baby animals (you know me- I love baby animals), ok I admit it I love everything about it.
A few years ago we made this egg garland out of a bunch of our chicken eggs. This is super easy to make and so cute! The perfect touch of farmhouse spring! We love to use the eggs from not just our white egg layers but our colorful egg layers to add the pastel colors of spring to the garland.
We had so much fun working with grandma cottage as she taught us to blow eggs and told us about the times that she did this with her own mother to decorate for spring at their home. We thought this would be a great way to share some of our traditions with you.
Egg garland tutorial photo of a fireplace mantle decorated for spring. It has a black antique crock of cut pink tulips a small white crock with a young hydrangea plant in it, a braided crown of thorns with a satin purple ribbon on it leaning against the rock. Next in the center is a picture that displays a porch with wicker furniture, ferns and other plants and flowers.  There is a glass ross and little ceramic ducks.  There is a metal container with another two pink hydrangea plants in it and a small metal oblesk with faux ivy wrapped around it.  Across the front is a garland of hand blown eggs of different colors. There is a sign in front in the center that says welcome to our nest
What You Will Need To Make Egg Garland:
Optional straw
Yarn or Twine or ribbon
Craft Scissors
Grapefruit Seed Extract or another cleaner
Optional Wooden beads
Step 1: 
  • Gather your eggs and wash them.  We like to use GSE to wash them. You can make a spray with it and water or you can use a paper towel with water and some GSE drops on it. Clean them thoroughly.

Step 2

  • Using something with a point like a metal shishkabob skewer or ice pick Poke a hole at each end of the egg and use grandma’s method of blowing eggs – by putting her lips on one end of the egg and blowing- or my method -sticking a straw over one of the holes and blowing-.
Step 3
  • Wash the eggs thoroughly and allow to dry.  
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Photo of grandma cottage blowing eggs for a egg garland #BlowingEggs #Easter #Spring

Step 4:
Measure the area where you want to put the garland and add a little bit more if you want to swag it. 


Step 5:

Tie a knot in one end of the twine, you want it big enough that the egg won’t slip over it. Gently push the string through both holes in the egg, and continue adding eggs until you reach your desired length. You can use a needle with a large eye if you have trouble getting it through.  Tie another knot in the string and you are done.

Photo of a closer image of the fireplace mantle with the hand blown egg garland. There are containers with live potted pink hydrangea and little ceramic ducklings and a glass transparent cross #Eggs #Farmhouse #Easter #Spring #DIYEggGarlandTutorial #garland

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Other Ideas For Your Blown Egg Garland:

  • You can add wooden beads in between the eggs if desired and you can use a pretty ribbon and use that ribbon to tie your garland on or use that to fasten it to the walls.
  • This is very beautiful on the fireplace but would also look so pretty to swag over a door opening.  It can be used as a part of your Easter table decor with other items like flowers, plain blown eggs, etc. 
  • You can use the extra blown eggs to create an egg wreath for your wall or your door as well. 
  • Use any extra blown eggs to fill a decorative bowl or basket


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