Beautiful DIY Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial

DIY Easter egg wreaths are a super fun project and add a cute breath of spring to your farmhouse. We’ve made quite a few of these over the years, and I just love the way they look. This is a really easy project to do and great to do with a group.
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White couch with throw pillows and bucket full of hydrangeas | DIY Easter Egg Wreath
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How To Make A DIY Easter Egg Wreath


Making a DIY Easter egg wreath is the perfect project for rainy days or when you have spring fever. We use eggs from our rainbow layers to do our wreaths, if you don’t have chickens you can check with local farms, or dye the eggs to make the colors you want. 

We like to gather the ladies of the family around the table in the kitchen on an early spring day once the hens have started laying again and spend the afternoon chatting and blowing eggs together before we start building these beautiful wreaths. It’s a wonderful way to spend the afternoon with family or friends with lots of laughter and good conversations. Like with any project this project is more fun with others, but it can be done by yourself. 

What You Need To Make A DIY Easter Egg Wreath:


Making A DIY Easter Egg Wreath


DIY Easter Egg Wreath Step 1:

Select your eggs, any kind will do -quail, turkey, chicken- we happened to have Americana/easter eggers so we used their eggs. Just be mindful of the fact that the small of an egg you use the more you will need to fill the wreath. 

DIY Easter Egg Wreath Step 2:

Wash the uncooked eggs, and make a puncture in both ends of the egg, the next step is a bit gross but you have to blow the insides out of the egg. You can do it the way my braver-than-me grandmother did it by placing the egg against her mouth and blowing through one of the two holes you punctured to remove the insides. Or you can do it my way with a straw pressed up against one hole in the egg and blow. After this is done, wash the eggs again and allow them to dry.
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DIY Easter Egg Wreath Step 3:

Use floral wire or fishing line to attach the eggs to a grapevine wreath base. Don’t pull too tight or you will crack the eggs. You can use grapevine branches or other bendable vines to fill in gaps and cover the wire. I recommend doing one batch around the outside of the wreath and then go around again adding on the inside to fill in the blanks. When you are done with the egg wreath loop a ribbon around one part and use it to hang your new wreath. 

Tips For Creating A DIY Easter Egg Wreath

  • Be really careful while you attach the eggs to the wreath base, they are very fragile and crack easily. It may be easier to have someone gently hold the eggs and wreath base still while you attach the egg. 
  • Alternately instead of fishing line or wire use a hot glue gun to attach the eggs.
  • Want to skip the fragile eggs? Use faux or plastic Easter eggs to create a DIY egg wreath. 

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