DIY Feed Bag Christmas Stockings

So I have all these feed bags laying around with nothing to do with them and well I decided to play around with them. I had seen a photo on Facebook where someone had taken theirs and cut them into stockings to use to decorate there coops. So I grabbed a stocking from the mantel and used it for a pattern cutting around it and leaving enough room for a seam allowance.
I zig-zaged around the edges.
flipped it right side out so the seams are on the inside and flipped part of the top over to make a cuff. The weave of the bag was really loose and it kept raveling so I put a seam at the edge of the raveling part letting it make a fringe.
Then I decide to add some embroidery to the cuff.
This is the whole stocking.
This is the embroidery.
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