How to make Denim and Daisy napkin rings

DIY Jean And Daisy Napkin Rings

We love to make crafts at the Cottage and we think these jean and daisy napkin rings really give the table a great Cottage look. They are really simple to make and very quick. They can be made with your children for a fun afternoon too. 
Today we are making these adorable daisy and jean and daisy napkin rings! 

What you are going to need for the jean and daisy napkin rings.                               

Paper Towel Rolls
cutting paper towel rolls for daisy napkin rings


Daisy napkin ring step 1. Gather a couple of paper towel rolls. Cut the paper towel rolls in the size you need for your rings.


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Paper towel roll cut and being covered in denim for daisy napkin rings

Daisy napkin ring step 2. Cut a jean strip from a pair of old jeans or from fabric you have purchased the same size as your napkin ring that will completely cover the roll.


Step 3. Using the hot glue gun, run a strip of glue across the roll continue laying rows of glue and pressing the blue jean until you reach the end. Please be careful it will burn your fingers if you touch it.

Daisy napkin ring step 5. Squeeze a circle of glue into the center over the raw ends. Press flower onto the glue and hold until it cools.

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Find some pretty fabric napkins or make your own out of fabric and hem the edges with a thin seam. These can be purchased online, at yard sales and estate sales.  Unfold the napkin and pick it up in the center letting the rest fall.  Pull that point up through your napkin ring and place one at each table setting on your table. 

 Don’t want to make your own daisy napkin rings for your cottage look?

Check out these daisy napkin rings from Amazon by Honeydak

Comes in sets of 12 napkin rings.


Or these metal daisy napkin rings with a little bee by EAFirm. They would really make your table have that cute cottage look. They are a set of six and come in a white daisy or a blue daisy. 

Or there are these cute daisy napkin rings by ManorLuxe. They are metal and come in a set of four.

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