DIY Lamp Shade Re-Do

We decided to re-do this lamp and shade we picked up at a local thrift store. This was super easy and actually pretty fun- that is if you like making things. What you will need:
Strips Of Muslin
Glue Gun
Lamp Shade 
and a bit of burlap or other fabric.
Start with a circle patch of fabric and begin sewing the strips in tiny circles branching out until you reach the desired size.
When your done tuck the end under your rose and stitch in place. Knot your thread and snip. You can add a leaf of burlap if you want but be careful because burlap frays a lot. 
Figure out where you are going to put the roses and heat your glue gun. 
Dab a bit of glue either on the roses or the lamp shade itself. Either will work. Press the roses quickly onto the lamp shade and hold in place until the glue hardens. And your done! You have a brand new lamp. 

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