How To Make A DIY Spring Wreath

Needing a fun spring project on a rainy day? Or looking for a way to recycle a garden hose? Why not try your hand at a Our Spring Wreath! This is a great project that is quick and easy and you can even get the kids involved!
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How to make a DIY recycled garden hose spring wreath #rosevinecottagegirls
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Creating A Spring Wreath Out Of Recycled Goods


Creating new pieces out of something old is something we really enjoy here at the Cottage, so this was a really fun spring wreath to create. If you are anything like me you hate wasting stuff, so when the garden hose that has been patched over and over again with duct tape must inevitably replace we came up with a use for it.


This is a great way to reuse stuff that would normally get thrown away and recycle them into something lovely and useful. We keep this DIY spring wreath in our studio/potting shed and it’s absolutely adorable!


Supplies To Make This DIY Spring Wreath

To make this DIY spring wreath you’ll need:

How To Make A DIY Spring Wreath


Step 1: Wind the hose into a circle, to form the size you want your wreath to be. This is going to be the base of your wreath. Once you have the house wound and the size of your wreath. Secure the hose by using green floral wire and wrapping it round and round the hose and the tieing the wire into a not. Snip the wire and slip the ends back into the wreath to hide them.

Step 2: Take the flowers you’re going to use for the spring wreath and using the floral wire to secure the stems of the fake flowers together. Knot and snip wire. Depending on their length you may need to trim the stems down.
Step 3: Wire the flowers onto hose wreath with the floral wire, make sure it’s tight enough so that the flowers won’t slip out and then snip the wire.
Step 4: Stuff a glove with newspaper (For some reason garden gloves are like socks in this house they always go missing so we have lots of single gloves). Don’t fill it too much, but just enough to make hold its shape.
Step 5: Wire the glove over the stems of the flowers, make sure you pull tight enough to hold it firmly but not so tight it looks funny.


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