Straw curls for beautiful curly locks by Photo of a young woman with long brown hair pulled over one shoulder and long curls. She is wearing a soft pink shirt and soft makeup and wearing a pearl necklace.

DIY Straw Curls

Straw Curls


Hi, guys! So I decided to try out a new curling technique on my hair. Straw curls!  I love how it came out and how long it lasted! It’s super easy and really cheap (which is always great, especially when you have very long hair like I do). My Aunt thought that I had gotten a perm when I posted pictures to my Facebook. Ready to try?

What You Will Need For Straw Curls:


To Make Your Straw Curls

Now, I have hair that is very thick, and very long. It is down to my bottom and it resists curling.  This worked great for me and the next day it was still perfectly curly. The less hair you use (the thinner the section) the tighter that your curl will be. If you have shorter hair you can make fewer sections allowing a larger amount of hair for your straw curls. Also before you start, decide if you want the curls all the way to the scalp, or just lower at the bottom. If you want them lower you will put your hair in a ponytail where you want it and just concentrate the curls on the hair hanging down from the ponytail.
Step 1: Dampen hair (you don’t want it soaked like you just stepped out of the shower just damp) and make sure it is tangle free. You can add some setting lotion to it if you want to help it to set the curl. I do not have easily curling hair but I didn’t use any setting lotion on mine, just a spritz of water.  

Section your hair at this point with a rat tail comb to help you get clean sections where you want your curls. I sectioned the top like a mohawk and then each side in two pieces.  It is easier to do this and then clip them in place to keep the hair sectioned and tangle-free as you are making your straw curls. 
Young woman getting her hair curled with straw curls by taking sections of damp hair and rolling them on plastic drinking straws and tying them and covering the hair with a scarf to let set. By
 Step 2: Take a straw and begin wrapping a piece of hair mid way to 3/4 way down by wrapping from that point to the tips of your hair around the straw(for the thinner hair you may want to take thicker pieces. If you have pretty thick hair you probably want to take thinner pieces so you can get it all on one straw).


Continue wrapping until you reach the end of the piece of hair, then roll the straw with the hair attached all the way down to the scalp getting all of the section of hair on the straw.  This will make you have straw curls all the way from the tip to the scalp. 


Step 3: Tie the ends of the straw together in the beginning of a knot (DO NOT FINISH THE KNOT) and move on to the next repeating steps 1 – 3

Continue until all of your hair is wrapped around straws. Wrap your hair in a silk or soft fabric scarf and tie it behind your head. This will help to keep the straw curls in. You can either leave them in for several hours while allowing the curls to air dry, or you can use a hair drier. A hand-held hair dryer with a diffuser works nicely but a bonnet-type hair dryer is just perfect.  You can sit and read, do your nails, write an article, catch up on social media, or get some work done on the computer.  You can even sleep in them and take them out in the morning. Whatever you have time for. And that’s it!

How to make straw curls for beautiful curly locks by photo of a young woman with brown hair that has full curls. She is wearing a pink shirt and a pearl necklace and has the front part of her hair pulled back away from her face.


How To Style Your Straw Curls

  • You use a headband to pull it off of your face like I did.
  • Take the hair from the ears and part it back. Secure it with a pretty hair clip or claw clip. 
  • Put it in a high ponytail at the crown of the head and let the curls hang.
  • Put it in a high ponytail and use the curls to wrap around and make a beautiful curly bun.
  • Pull the curls low and to the side and secure with a ponytail holder and add a beautiful soft scarf.

To keep curls looking pretty overnight use a soft fabric scrunchy to make a scrunchy bun. Act as if you are making a high ponytail at the crown of your head but instead of pulling your hair all the way through, only pull it half way through. Make sure it is a high bun so you won’t be laying on it.

We took larger pieces the second time we did this and the curls came out looser and not as tight. (Thanks, Mom, and Sis for helping me out!)
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