DIY Throw Pillow Slipcovers

What you need:

Old Throw Pillows (The ones I was covering were 19″x19″)
Tape measure 
Fabric Scissors
Fabric (in the shade, color, pattern etc. you are wanting to cover your throw pillows with)
All Purpose Thread (Matching your Fabric)
Sewing Machine or Needle & Thread
A ruler or something straight

 We laid the pillows on the fabric and then measured them to just above the seams. Then used the chalk and ruler to draw a straight line on the fabric so we knew where to cut. Measure and cut (for my pillow) a 19×19″ piece of fabric. Set this aside.  Then we cut out one 19″ x 16-1/2 piece of fabric and a 19″ x 8 pieces of fabric. This will be for the back of the pillow. Take your 19x 16 1/2″ fabric and on the 16 1/2 ” side fold over your fabric at 1/2 inch one time and press with a hot iron. Then fold over one more time and pin down and press.  Sew that seam on your machine or hand stitch with a running stitch across the fabric.  When finished knot and move on to the 19×8″ fabric.  On the 8″ side repeat the step and make another seam.  If you use a striped fabric like I did MAKE SURE YOUR STRIPES LINE UP!  Very important!

Pinned seam ready for stitching.

Sewing the pillow side seam.
After you are finished with the hemming of the back you are ready to grab your 19×19″ front piece.  Set it in front of you on your table.  Make sure the part you want on the outside of the pillow is facing up to look at you.  Then grab your two smaller pieces.  Line up your corners and sides and begin pinning them.  Make sure the back pieces are facing down (meaning that you are now looking at the wrong side of the fabric.  The hemmed sides of the fabric will overlap (see below).  One side of the hemming will be tucked under, this makes an envelope for your pillow to slip in and out.  Pin all around the edges.  
When finished pinning take your machine and do a simple stitch 5/8″ all the way around the pillow, removing pins as you go.  Make sure to make a knot at the end of your work to reinforce the stitches or go back and forth slightly at the end and it will do the same thing. 

Back of your pillow slip showing the “envelope” opening for your pillow to go in and

the wrong side of the fabric.  Note it is a more light color on the wrong side.

Here is the back view of the pillow pinned and ready to sew.
And that it! An old pillow with a new look! If you try this we would love to see pictures you can post them on our Facebook page here.

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