Dogs, Mud & Garden Shoes

Its been raining for the last few days… OK, really it has rained most of the week. So this morning I woke up to Faith bursting into my room to look out my second story window over looking the driveway. On her second trip to the window I decided that throwing a pillow at her probably wouldn’t convince her to head back down stairs and curl in Mrs. Cottage’s closet for a nice long nap (she is a border collie after all) so I might as well just get up.

Note to self, always get dressed before heading for the kitchen… otherwise you end up like I did this morning, chasing two of the neighbors dogs through the mud and whatever else is out there around the chicken coops in the rain in my Pj’s. My freshly curled hair bouncing and mud seeping through the slits (air conditioning???) in my garden shoes (who’s bright idea was that?).

The last time I was running around my old coop trying to round all the chickens into the barn until we could get the hawk out. And yes I was wearing Pj’s again. Sigh. I’m sure the neighbors have had a good laugh at my expense.


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