Dolphin Encounter At Sea World

Last year we got the chance to swim with dolphins when we were at SeaWorld. If you have never done it we highly recommend it! It is so much fun!! Even when the dolphins challenge you to a splashing war. You will lose but its still fun! It is one of my favorite things I have ever done! I was a little scared to get in the water- but honestly feeding the stingray was way more scary.

Yes, that is a lot of water, and yes it got the British ladies that were with us straight in the face. Luckily I saw it coming and turned just in time- to get and earful… oh well.

Everyone wave!!! It’s so cute to watch them wave at you, you can’t help but laugh.

Did I mention that water was really cold? Or that if you aren’t keeping a really good eye on the water you can get surprised very easily?


My personal favorite part of the dolphin encounter? Riding the dolphin!!!


Look at that smile!

Say cheese! I love this picture!




Shaking hands… I think Brianna made a new friend.




Friendship test- ocean style!

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