Eclectic Spring Farmhouse Mantel

You guys know how we feel about antiques, and so, of course, they showed up in our spring farmhouse mantel decor!
A lot of our neighbors to the north are still snowed in (sorry guys) and we still are expecting some chilly weather over the next few weeks but the official start of spring is just a few weeks away! So we wanted to put together a look that reminded us of early spring, a little cooler with that hope that sparks when the bulbs start to poke above the ground, and this look was born!
spring eclectic mantel
Eclectic spring farmhouse mantel

We reused our thrift store mirrors that we had up here for the Christmas mantel we did, moving them to the very edge of the mantel in between the two we hung this gorgeous egg wreath with all those gorgeous colors of spring. You can make your own using our Tutorial or check out our Shop.

eclectic farmhouse mantel

When decorating your mantel you want to keep either end balanced with like colors, textures, and sizes. It’s ok if they vary a little but don’t put something tall on one end and really short on the other.


For our mantel, we used dark metal candle holders to set the tone, from there we layered inward with lighter colors and darker colors mirroring the other side of the mantel.

We used a beautiful mock french birdcage on one end to give a pop of lighter color and on the other a gorgeous cream candle holder with a bird painted on it. Both of these finds are from Hobby Lobby several years ago. We followed that with egg wreaths, they aren’t identical but add a touch of color to the mantel while still being similar.

Next, we stacked several antique books, the covers are in the same color family as the rest of the pieces on the mantel so they fit in nicely. We also added a vintage photo of a dog and lamp in the snow and a tray and beautiful metal creamy metal piece to mimic to colors in the picture on the other side. In the center we placed this vintage clock we picked up a couple of years ago and we also placed a few small nests with blown quail eggs in them here and there along the mantel.

spring farmhouse mantel
farmhouse decor
eclectic spring farmhouse mantel
eclectic spring farmhouse mantel
spring mantel
spring mantel
eclectic spring farmhouse mantel
eclectic spring farmhouse mantel
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