Timeless and romantic Valentine's Day Table decorations for a dinner table

Timeless Romantic Valentine’s Day Table

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so we put together this romantic Valentine’s Day table to get you in the mood. Valentine’s decor is always something we really enjoy working with, and this year we wanted to create a very classy and timeless look.


You guys know our obsession with antiques, so it’s not a huge surprise that they worked their way into this look (along with a few pieces we borrowed from our Christmas decor). We went with mainly neutral colors, with pops of bright cheery ones here and there.


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Timeless and romantic Valentine's Day Table decorations for a dinner tableThis post contains affiliate links.


Decorating A Valentine’s Day Table


Decorating a Valentine’s Day table is a pretty straight forward process to create a romantic look. With a couple of pieces and a bit of time you’ll have a beautiful and unique look you

What you’ll need to create a Valentine’s Day table:

  • Table cloth
  • Table runner (optional)
  • Placemats (optional)
  • Chargers
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Cutlery
  • Valentine’s Day Decorations – LED lights, candles, hearts, antiques, even Christmas ornaments, and lanterns would be a great choice.


Timeless and romantic Valentine's Day Table decorations for a dinner table

Tips For Decorating A Valentine’s Day Table


  • Just like decorating a table for any other holiday you’ll want your Valentine’s centerpiece to be low enough that everyone can see each other.
  • Consider the decorations you have in place around your home and try to stick with that theme in your centerpiece for a Valentine’s Day table.
  • Keep in mind the shape and size of your table when coming up with your decorations for a Valentine’s Day table.
  • Less is more when it comes to decorations for a Valentine’s Day table.
  • Balance is key when designing a centerpiece for a Valentine’s table.
  • Lanterns and candles are great pieces to include in your centerpiece for a Valentine’s table.
  • Layering is always a beautiful look on a table, try layering plates on top of chargers, or layering your decor as we did for this look.


Timeless and romantic Valentine's Day Table decorations for a dinner table


How To Decorate A Table For Valentine’s Day


The first step to decorating a table is a clean service, wipe down the surface of the table to remove any spots and dust. Next, if you are going to be using a table cloth or table runner place that on your table. Begin building your centerpiece from the center out. Some things to keep in mind as you create your Valentine’s Day Table:

  • Use layers of decor for a really rich effect.
  • Don’t go too tall people still need to be able to see.
  • Don’t fill up the whole table, you still have to put the place settings.


Once you are finished with your Valentine’s Day Centerpiece, it’s time to do the place settings. Decide if you want your table to be formal or casual and if you’ll be using chargers or not and begin setting the table. We have a post coming up on how to set a table for every occasion so stay tuned!


Timeless and romantic Valentine's Day Table decorations for a dinner table


Our Valentine’s Day Table Look


We started our Valentine’s Day table look with a beautiful faux fur table runner that we picked up at Hobby Lobby. In the center of the table, we added some beautiful antique Bibles (side note, a great way to find old books is going to estate sales and yard sales we have quite the collection started of old books and this is our favorite way to get them for a good price), on top of the Bibles we added this beautiful rose bush frame we found at Goodwill, an antique hanky and a small cardinal. We actually snagged it from one of our Christmas trees before we put everything up for the season.


In front of the Bibles we placed this small moon sculpture, and to either side, we sat antique cameras. The one on the left Mr. Cottage brought back from his trip to Germany and the one on the other side I found at the bottom of a box at a yard sale. It’s one of my favorites that I’ve collected because of its unique shape.


On either side of the cameras, we added willow tree angel sculptures followed by beautiful candle holders. We also tossed in red hearts here and there and added some swans to finish of the look.  For our place settings, we used chargers from Hobby Lobby that look like lace and star bone China.


Timeless and romantic Valentine's Day Table decorations for a dinner table


Decorating For Valentine’s Day


Whether you are going for a formal look, or just want to create a casual table with a touch of Valentine’s Day romance have fun while decorating. Create a look that you love, and make you happy and go with it.  Want to go a bit further than a Valentine’s Day table? Try bringing some of the themes from your table around the room or even throughout your home.



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  1. I love this idea! Your decorations are beautiful. I have the same Willow Tree figurine with the man and woman dancing. My husband bought it for me years ago. 💕

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