Fall Decorating Inspiration

Bring on the boots, cozy sweaters, dazzling leaves, and crisp days! Fall is such a beautiful season! Here in the south, we will have to wait a while longer but today’s low 70’s temps have me dreaming…
so I have been looking back at our fall decor over the years. So many memories, so many years… in some ways it makes me sad, sad that Grandma Cottage and our “boys” aren’t here with us to welcome another season. But I’m excited about all that this season will hold- and because of its one step closer to pulling out my trees!!! Yes, I am totally counting the days… 
The house and style have changed so much over the years but I wanted to share some of it with you in hopes it will inspire you to see pumpkins everywhere -Wink- and for those of you who love Christmas as much as I celebrate, its a little closer!

Ahhh… be still my heart! I love white pumpkins so much (granted this one is very yellow).

Back when our walls were green… Wow, the house looks so different!

This year we swagged brown chiffon up the staircase with beautiful leaf and berry garland.

This wreath we brought home years ago when Grandma Cottage was still decorating the Cottage. It’s timeless around here and it’s exit from the attic always is the first that falls is about to grace us with it’s presence.

Chippy wagon, filled to the brim with pumpkins, giant chalkboard, and coffee- does life get any better?

This year we strung a simple leaf garland with Christmas lights (they have so many uses!) around the door and placed scarecrows on either side. To one side of the door, we added a strawbale with cute rubber boots little chalkboard signs and a pumpkin with a crow on the top. I miss those crows! They were so fun!!! I need to find more!


Hydrangeas in rusty buckets and chippy benches make my heart happy- they also make this corner of the porch so inviting.


Over here we have our old wagon loaded down with pumpkins and sunflowers.


Down the stairs, we placed mums and different colored pumpkins alternately. I think I need to go pumpkin shopping right now…

Those colors… *DROOLING*

In here we went with a hydrangea and pumpkin centerpiece with tarnished silver candlesticks.

We added moss and green pumpkins to the crate box on the coffee table to bring autumn to this area of the living room.

Over here we added dried hydrangeas in a basket and a cotton garland.

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