Farewell To Summer…

The happy days have gone away… Summer’s glow has fizzled and died and left memories to float like drying leaves old and crumbly on the breeze to haunt and tease.
Like ghosts to mock your memory. Oh, that summer may return…
O That time may freeze forever and a day and summer’s glow remain and laughter be the only thing that haunts the breeze. That fireflies again light up the night and children chase them beneath the dusky sky.
If only the puddle could always boast the myriad of voices giggling and chattering about far-off wonderland, of planes and trains and mermaids too… and glittering dreams that sparkle brighter than the sun-kissed water.
If only the lane may be filled with children’s voices, alive with wonder and a thousand questions, the sound of skipping feet on pavement some heavier then others a bit older, a bit wiser, and softer ones unmarred by the heaviness of the world beside the steady stride of a furry companion…
Child and dog, one young and new to life, one older and steady as time. One new to this path, one who’s traveled it many times in the golden glow of the sunset hour.
And the old hall upstairs be once again filled with little pleas to just stay up a little longer, at a sleepy hour as tired eyes droop lower towards surrender and yawns echo on their heels as little one are carried off to bed to be laid in the arms of their pillows
The garden beckons to hold another majestic tea party with fine ladies clad in their very best in bright colors and glittering crowns and handsome gents in fine bow ties and delicate cups that echo of bygone days of many summers and many children.
The sleeping wood waits to be awoken, and transform into the wild place of a child’s imagination.
O that summer and childhood may never end, and summer’s glow never fade… but summer must be laid to rest and the maturity of fall must take it’s place for soon the harshness of winter will find us.
Farewell summer… Forever you will be our treasure.
A gem we will hold dear,
the smile at the corner of our lips…
So farewell old friend, our beloved companion, farewell and remember us well for we will not forget you.

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