Food, Fun, Friends and Horses

Food, Fun, Friends, and Horses

We girls were invited over the weekend to a great event located at R Lit Ranch for a horse obstacle
course.   We provided the food and the photography and they provided the fun! What a great time, great food and great company.

The day was beautiful, windy but beautiful but many of the contestants were afraid by the weather threats of storms.  Since not everyone didn’t show up they had a fun day and we were able to ride around and take pictures of the people enjoying the event.  We got some great shots of the people and the horses having a GREAT time.

Today we spent the day there again photographing the practice event and they let us ride this amazing animal.  He is a Tennessee Walking Horse and his name is Ash.  Isn’t he beautiful?  Now we are so sore we can barely move but we had a wonderful day.  Thank you, Trisha and Scott for an unbelievably great day.


Oh, let us know what you think of the photos.  We will have more up in the next couple of days and if you really like them you can order a copy by emailing us at












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