For The Love Of Faith

We found Faith at an auction hosted by a Mennonite community near us. We had recently lost our dear dog Christmas to kidney failure.


We got one look at those adorable border collie faces and couldn’t leave without one. I mean seriously. Look at that face! Is it not one of the cutest faces you have ever seen?

I spent most of the day carrying her around because we didn’t have a collar or leash (oh that just drove me crazy! Haha!). I mean who would want to hold such an adorable thing as her? All the farmers would come up and pet her and tell me how smart their border collies had been and how much they loved them. How they say you can’t have one in the house but they let theirs in when their wives weren’t home (and I thought that it was just girls who were a sucker for baby critters) and how much their personalities would come out.

Well, we didn’t exactly tell Mrs. Cottage we were bringing home a puppy- Much less a border collie… and she didn’t exactly know until we walked in the back door with a big basket and a little puppy. On the way home we stopped by the farm store to get her shots, (Ok, really we were showing her to our friend that worked there. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone! Wink.). Her first words after “How cute” was “Do you know how hyper these guys are?”

LOL! Yeah, these guys need lots of exercise and things to keep their minds busy. She is the only dog I’ve ever seen that instead of chewing and tugging on a rope will untie the knot. Or will take her ball to the top of the stairs and then drop it back down the stairs so she can chase it.

She is also the only dog we have ever had that talks. Yes, you read that right. She talks. It gets a little weird when you have to tell your dog not to talk back.

She started out sleeping in the large basket we brought home with us. But soon she graduated into waking up in the middle of the night and whimpering until you pick her up and let her snuggle with us on the couch until it was time to get up.

The house soon became her house, and instead of her being our “pet” she turned out to be the youngest family member. I could swear this girl thinks she is human.

At dinner time she will sit next to one of us and just stare at us with those big brown eyes… like you hold the keys to the whole world- not dinner she wants.

She absolutely adores canning jar rings, while were canning she will stick her head in the bag of them out and we’ll turn around and she has three in her mouth. Thus ensues a game of “Frisbee”.

Heaven forbid you ever drop a Tennis ball on the ground- because you will not be getting it back.

Dogs can’t talk. Yes well, Faith does… She can say “Where are you? Boy, Girl, Out, I Love You, I Want one”. She also has the monkey sound she makes when she can’t find someone we like to call the “Monkey”. It’s so funny! Unfortunately, if she knows the video camera is on she runs for the hills.

So we have no video proof… yet!

She has spoiled us with her doggy hugs, and crazy vocal experiments, her antics and annoyed us with her need to jump on doors (ie. Bathrooms and bedrooms. She likes the last one especially at 6 Am When everyone was asleep)

She has potty trained herself. She was so amazing! Mom loved that one especially!

She’s crazy, but we love her.


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