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Hello again friends! We are back in Germany again and I wanted to take you to this beautiful church in Frankfurt. This one is the first one of two we visited. It is called the Dreikonigsgemeinde Church. The history of this church goes all the way back to 1338 when it was built to be a chapel for a hospital donated by Heile Dymar. She was dedicated in 1340.

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On July 23rd 1340. The chapel was consecrated to the 3 Holy Kings. If you wondering yes the the 3 Holy kings is also known to us as the 3 Wise Men from the East. In 1525 this church became the first church in Frankfurt to have exclusively reformed preachers. In 1531 a third full-time preacher was assigned and this ended the centuries-old disadvantage of the Saxon Houses of Christians.

 Sadly starting in the 19th century the church had deteriorated and in 1821 they started requesting a new church but others thought they could renovate the church. On April 7th, 1872 the last service took place in the old Dreilonigskirche.

Welcome back to Germany! So far, I have made to 2 trips to Kassel and are working on a third. I thought I would break up the 2 trips and talk about each one. The people that I normally travel with on the weekends had to work this weekend so I decided to break out on my own and take the train up to Kassel Germany.


In 1875 the church was demolished and a new church was started and completed by the end of of 1880. On May 8th, 1881, the new Dreikonigskirche was inaugurated.

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The Three Kings Church joined the “Bekennende Kirche” or the confessional (or confessing) church which opposed Nazi ideology. During WWII, the church only suffered minor damage during the air raids on Frankfurt am Main. This damage was repaired in 1954. In 1966 Charles Crodel installed stained glass They indicate that Christian worship is a place where earth and heaven come together, . In 1961 the church received a new pipe organ.


The entrance faces the west so that you have to turn your back to the west, and coming darkness following sunset. 

Representing the powers of darkness, and how the world will pass away. 

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This is the reason the tower is on the west side of the building, it represents the power of God and how He will defend his people against the darkness. 

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Services are held on the east side of the church facing where the sun will rise representing the risen Christ.

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