French Script Door Number Tutorial

Hello everyone! Today we are painting our house number on the front door. Mrs. Cottage has wanted to do this for years, but we just never got to it. Last week the weather was perfect for painting so I decided to slap on a fresh coat of paint before winter.
What you will need:
Rounded carving tool
Fine paint brush
White paint
It had been a few years and it really needed it.

So after a quick wash and taping around the windows because I’m notorious for getting paint where it doesn’t belong (please tell me I’m not the only one!) I hit it with a fresh coat of semi-gloss black paint.

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Right, about now I was feeling brave and happened to have white paint for the back porch. So I decided to bite the bullet and paint the numbers on it too. I mean how hard could it be- right? (Insert Mr. Cottage’s worried frown).

So I hopped on the computer and headed over to Picmonkey. If you haven’t tried it yet, I use it for EVERYTHING! From editing the photos you see on our blog to making the template I’m using in these photos. For this project, I went in under design, selected other and made a white background. Then I used the font Princess Sofia, adjusted No. to 543 and 1127 to 1020 with No. slightly higher. Then saved it to my computer and printed.

I cut away the extra paper, and while Mrs. Cottage held her breath and covered her eyes I taped it to the door in the place I wanted it to be.

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Then using a rounded carving tool (yep- still don’t know the name) to leave an impression of the script. If you try this be careful not to let it slip.

When I untaped the templet it looked like this.

Then I filled it in with white paint using a fine paint brush.

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It took about three coats of white to get it really crisp, then I went around the edges with black just to make sure my lines were straight.

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