Garden Bounty Salad

If you know anything about us at the Cottage you know we love to garden.  Harvest is full of the bounty of the garden and because we don’t want anything to go to waste we try to use up what we grow. This is a garden bounty salad. It is full of goodies that are so good for you!

Romaine Lettuce
Yellow Squash
Bell Peppers
Roasted Chicken Leftovers
Apple Chunks

Rinse your spinach and lettuce well.  Dry and chop the lettuce and add it to a bowl.  To this add your sliced yellow squash, chopped zucchini, chopped broccoli, peppers, apples, and avocado.  Chop your leftover roasted chicken or whatever meat you have.  Place the lettuce on the plate and then top with your chicken.

Try our favorite Ranch Dressing to top it off!

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