Gardening The Rosevine Cottage Way

Welcome To The Rosevine Cottage Girls Online Gardening Course called Gardening the Rosevine Cottage way.


Take the gardening class to learn how to have your own garden | photo of the rosevine cottage girls in orange for fall


Why We Are Teaching An Online Gardening Course?

For three generations we’ve been practicing organic gardening methods from small backyard suburban vegetable gardens, and container gardens to sweeping cottage potager gardens. We have had our ups and downs, victories and failures and we have compiled all that we have learned to share with you and walk with you through it all. 

Gardening The Rosevine Cottage Way

The Online Gardening Course Covers

  • Making Organic Gardening Simple.
  • Self-paced to take at your convenience.
  • Virtual so you can take it from anywhere.
  • Lifetime access so you can refer back and get any updates to the course.
photo of the Rosevine Cottage Girls Garden | Take the gardening classes and learn at your own pace to garden


What We Bring To The Online Gardening Course.


We bring the decades of wisdom into your garden and learn how to garden The Rosevine Cottage Way with simple and easy-to-get-through lessons that will take you step by step through planning, preparing, planting, maintaining, and harvesting your new organic garden. 

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Gardening the Rosevine Cottage Girl way pinterest image online gardening course \ photo of squash, eggplant and cucumbers placed in the shape of a flower on a wooden table

What To Expect When You Enroll In the Gardening Course 

Instant access to 3 modules of lessons that will walk you through every aspect of starting a garden The Rosevine Cottage Way.

Module 1

  • How To Start A Garden
  • Preparing Your Soil For Planting
  • Amending Your Soil
  • How To Plan A Garden
  • What GMO, Heirloom, & Hybrid Means
  • And more!


Module 2

  • How To Start Seeds
  • How To Transplant Seedlings
  • How To Take Care Of A Garden
  • How To Fertilize Your Garden
  • Organic Pest Control Methods For Your Garden
  • And more!

Module 3

  • How To Harvest Your Veggies
  • How To Plan A Fall Garden
  • Preparing Your Garden For Winter.
  • Plus Bonus Content & Huge Discounts On All Our Other Garden Products!




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