Giving A Fairy Tale Bedroom A Touch Of Fall

I always have so much fun with this bedroom, it’s such a creative space that sparks the imagination. Mom and Grandma Cottage originally wallpapered this room with Sleeping Beauty when Brianna and I were little. Over the years the decorations have changed a bit, but the idea has hung on… (I still have my fingers crossed for a book cover door or a tree). 
We’ve never really shown this floor in our home for some reason so we thought we show you how we add a touch of fall to our fairy tale bedroom. 


No princess dream bed is complete without lacy sheets and pillow slips, ruffle duvet covers and squishy arm pillows.

Over the bed, we hung my mask collection from a willow branch with Christmas lights.

At the foot of the bed is this gorgeous thrift store trunk we picked up a few years ago, I love the chippy paint and bits of floral paper.

On this dresser, we placed the book of Grim Brother Fairy Tales that Mr. Cottage brought home from his trip to Germany [Read more about that HERE], we added a hand sculpted rose, a pegasus, and unicorn figurine, a pearl box, and glass shoe to keep with the fairy tale look. We also added this beautiful green pumpkin to the other end of the dresser and placed a gorgeous gold crown on top of it.

From the ceiling, we hung this adorable cup and saucers that a dear friend made for us. We put little battery operated tea lights in them to add a soft glow. Over the dresser, we hung this awesome sign from Hobby Lobby.

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On the other side of the room is our office station, this has a more mystery Nancy Drew feel to it. We found the sign at Burkes last summer, I love the reminder whenever I look at it. We placed Brianna’s vintage typewriter on the desk and some fun journals on the other side.

In this corner we hung this gorgeous blue dress, it reminds me of Cinderella…

Between the closets we have a bookshelf loaded with all of our favorite volumes.

For this dresser we went with a bit of a Robin Hood feel, we filled Brianna’s quiver with dried and fake roses. We also pulled in one of her swords in the same colors, added some beautiful chests and a fairy figurine. Behind it, all is this beautiful picture of Midsummer Nights Dream we found at a yard sale.

In front of the window, we placed this bench to serve as a window seat. We added soft white throw pillows and a gorgeous white pumpkin to the bench to bring in that touch of fall. In the window, we displayed these beautiful handmade masks from Italy and these beautiful suncatchers from our dear friend at The Cracked Pot Handcrafts.

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