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10 of the Best Tailgating Recipes



Tailgating season is here, and though I’m not ready to admit the defeat of summer we put together some delicious and healthy tailgating recipes for you. After all Thanksgiving & Christmas are right around the corner. I know! I know! I said the dreaded words, Mr. Cottage had already begun singing Christmas carols at me. Ahhhh!!! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas but seriously, wasn’t it just Christmas??? So to help you prevent a foul on your diet and waistline, we threw together some of our favorite recipes for game day!

Tailgating Recipes – Fruit and Veggies. 


We love having fruit and vegetables on hand for special occasions like that! 

These little plastic containers are great for displaying the goodies in. We line them with waxed paper to make clean up a breeze when the meal is done and the fruit and veggies can go back into your ice chest when you are done. Easy peasy!


Photo of Greek olives, Pickles and other dishes in trays at a tailgating party from and article about tailgating recipes by

Tailgating Recipes – Seven Layer Bean Dip


Chips and dips are a great part of entertaining and we love this seven-layer bean dip but it is difficult to carry around a big container of it.  We came up with this delicious and portable seven-layer bean dip in mason jars.  Seal them up and you are ready to go! Jars are easily resealed for quick clean up and stored in the ice chest for keeping. 


Photo of Mason Jars filled with seven layer bean dip for on the go eating.  This is from an article tailgating recipes by

Tailgating Recipes- Mason Jar Four Bean Chili

Another great use of Mason Jars are to use them for Chili. We ladle in our delicious four bean chili and then seal the lids and wrap in foil and put them in towels in a small styrofoam cooler to stay warm instead of cold. When you are ready just open up the jar and top with some sour cream and cheese and maybe some Chopped green onions. Delicious!
Jars are resealed and stored in the ice chest when finished if there are leftovers. So simple!


Photo of a Mason jar with four bean chili in it that is portable to take on the go. The jar is sitting on  football game themed plate. It is from an article tailgating recipes by



Tailgating Recipes- Organic Pasta Salad


A tangy pasta salad is so delicious and a really easy dish for tailgating. Make ahead and store in your ice chest in lidded containers to keep out the moisture and it will be ready when you are wanting to eat. 

A  photo of organic butterfly pasta salad from an article about Tailgating recipes from

Tailgating Recipes – Sausage and Pepper Hoagie

Sausage and pepper Italian Hoagies are so delicious and really easy to make ahead. Store the sausage and peppers in a container and wrap in foil and place with your hot items in a styrofoam ice chest without the ice. Wrap in a towel of blanket to hold in the heat. 
A photo of Italian sausage and peppers in a foil wrap for eating on a hoagie. From an article tailgating recipes by



Tailgating Recipes – Organic BBq’d Hot Dogs


BBq’d Organic hot dogs are a delicious treat at the tailgating party. Make ahead and wrap the container in layers of foil and store in your styrofoam cooler with the other hot items to help hold in the heat until you are ready to eat.

Photo of diced organic hotdogs cooked in  barbeque sauce in an article about tailgating recipes by


Tailgating Recipes – Organic Pigs in a Blanket


Organic pigs in a blanket hot dogs  are such a quick and easy make ahead meal that is a great finger food for tailgating. 

We really like the ease of serving them and they can be kept warm just like the other hot items by wrapping in foil and storing them in the styrofoam cooler with the hot items in it instead of ice. Pack some mustard or other dipping sauces in your ice chest to go with it.

Photo of "pigs in a blanket" which are organic hotdogs and dough wrapped around them and baked. From an article about tailgating recipes by the


Tailgating Recipes – Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a great tailgating treat. There is just something so wonderful about their messy deliciousness. Don’t forget to pack your dipping sauces and lots of paper towels for the clean ups. We like to put some damp ones in a zipper bag to help with the messy stuff.
Photo of a foil pouch of seasoned chicken wings from a tailgating recipe article by



Tailgating Recipes- Relish Tray

We love to pack a fresh veggie and cheese relish tray. We found this cute disposable football tray but you could use any lidded container.  Pop them prepared in your ice chest and into the tray when you get there. Don’t forget the ranch!
Photo of a football shaped tray holding cut broccoli, mini carrots, Cut celery, and cubed pepper jack cheese. It is a tailgating recipe article by

Tailgating Recipes- Pumpkin Cheesecake in Mason Jars


We love a couple of dessert options for an event so that just in case someone does not like pumpkin or chocolate then they are covered. For this we chose cheesecake but done in individual Mason jars so they can safely go in the ice chest. They are so cute and really delicious! 


Jar of Pumpkin cheesecake in a jar in a tailgating recipe article by

Tailgating Recipes- Organic chocolate football cupcakes

Here is our second choice, not because it is second best mind you! We threw a little chocolate into the mix here because this recipe is so good. We didn’t ice the whole thing because this is such a moist crumb that it does not need it but you can if you wanted to. We used organic ingredients but you can use what you have! Enjoy!

Tailgating Recipes- Organic Hummus Dip


This delicious hummus dip is so good on chips or even crackers.  It has no soy in it so no worries about soy allergies. We put them in small Mason jars to make them easy to travel with. This is so good!!


Things you may need:

  • Ice chest for cold items
  • Ice chest for hot items
  • Ice
  • Pint wide mouth Mason Jars with lids
  • Pint regular Mason Jars with lids
  • Hot dog trays
  • Waxed Paper
  • Napkins or Paper plates
  • Plastic Silverware
  • Serving pieces
  • Trash bag
  • A few damp paper towels in a zipper bag


Drive safe and enjoy the game!


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