Gods & Kings Book Review

We are often asked by publishers and authors to review their books for our audience. This is one of those books.
God’s and Kings is an amazing book by the super talented Lynn Austin. It is book one in her Chronicles Of The Kings series. It follows the life of King Hezekiah (or Hezzy as we have nicknamed him… Hey its cute!).
The curtain to this story opens in the dimly lit nursery in the palace. The sons of King Ahaz lay sleeping in their beds before they are awakened by the sounds of marching feet and the deep gruff rumble of voices echoing through the stone halls disturb their slumber and fear strikes at their young hearts as they are captured by the rough hands of their father’s soldiers and dressed in white robes and forced to join their siblings in the halls of the palace and with their father, uncle, a troop of soldiers and the dreaded priests of Moloch march outside the safe walls of the city and out in the valley of Hinnom where they must meet the firey god Moloch. Feel the heat of the fire and sense the fear as Hezekiah’s young eyes are opened to the realities of life in the palace under the rule of his father king Ahaz.  He knows that after this night his life will never be the same. But will he ever be safe again?

A Can’t Miss Book Series

This is a can’t miss book by a truly gifted author.  The characters are relatable, believable and real. You will feel this book. From the frustrating king and his spiritual and moral blindness to the flames of the fires of Moloch as you see life from this young future king’s eyes. It is a great book and a good one to read along as you read their stories in the bible as well. I could not put this book down and kept buying the next one in the series, so hungry was I to read about these characters and lucky for you right now for a limited time receive all five books in the series in one Kindle novel for the low price of $3.99  on Amazon
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