Harvest at the Cottage


Hello there! Welcome to our cottage.  We just love to decorate and the change of seasons gives us an excuse to do it.  Now that the days are chilly it really is time to pull out the bins of decorations from the attic and get the cozy feel of fall in this cottage of ours.
We found this great mirror at a yard sale but the finish was not looking very good.  I took some Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint to it and this is what I got.

Then out of the attic box, I took two garlands of pumpkins and two leaf garlands and one of bitter sweet and we braided them together with some white Christmas lights.  

In the center, I made a little arrangement with some fabric mums and sunflowers.  I even put in some of our turkey’s feathers.

On the coffee table, I took a simple vase and put in some red sunflowers that Mr. Cottage bought us fresh from the grocery store.  We put it in a glass vase but put the vase in a burlap sack from the Bakers Creek Store that we got from a great giveaway from Deep Roots At Home blog.

The front porch I add some fall feeling to things with homemade grapevine wreaths and scarecrows.  We usually get the scarecrows at the Old Time Pottery.  The Crow’s we got at the Dollar Tree.  The stars we got at the Old Time Pottery.  The blue rain boots are my sisters (he he) and they are stuffed with corn husks.  The old chalkboard sign is just an old piece of wood that I painted with chalkboard paint.
I have a few pumpkins here on an old wagon on one end of our front porch.  I have to get the rest out of the attic.

Here is Brianna as we are working on cutting down the corn stalks that are all dry in our garden.


Here we are going to get another armload to bring to the front porch in bunches.



 Mr. Cottage and I working hard.


Loading up the corn stalks.



My beautiful turkeys.


Even the road home is beginning to be decorated for fall.


Do you decorate for fall?  If so, what are some of your favorite ways to decorate?  Share with us, we love to hear from you!

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