Herbal Papaya Review

 We got a package in the mail from a company called Herbal Papaya, with samples of some of there great products. Papaya has many healthy benefits- it is loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins A,C,E and Beta-Carotene. Papaya helps support the immune system, fights toxins and helps fight free radicals. It contains super enzyme papain which breaks down proteins ans speeds up metabolis. Papaya supports a healthy digestive system and helps maintain blood platelet function.

This company is based in the good ole’ U.S. of A. They are an USDA Organic NON-GMO farm based in Texas.

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They sent us samples of several different teas, organic papaya seed powder and papaya leaf extract. I enjoyed the tea, it has a strong earthy taste. Tracy and Brianna didn’t care for it. I want to try it chilled as well! I really liked the papaya leaf extract, I feel like it gave me more energy and just made me feel better. We all loved the powder, we put it in smoothies and it tastes great!

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Check out our smoothie recipe in the video below!

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