Homemade Laundry Soap

This is super easy and fun to make. It lasted over a year for our family of five and a friend who was living with us. You can use it full strength on your stains as a stain remover. Let us know what you think!

Picture of laundry soap recipe


1 (5 1/2 OZ) Bar of Laundry Soap (I use Castille Soap, but my neighbor uses Fels Naptha)
1 Cup Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda (not Baking Soda)
1/2 Cup of 20 Mule Team Borax
50 Drops Grapefruit Seed Extract
Essential oil you like (optional)

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Fill a 5-gallon bucket half full of hot water. Grate the bar soap into a pot and add 4 cups water. Heat on the stove until completely dissolves the soap. Then pour into the bucket. Add the dry ingredients to the bucket and stir until everything is dissolved.  Fill up the bucket the rest of the way with warm water and stir. Let it sit overnight. If it thickens break it up and stir it around. Use a funnel to get it into the bottles with less mess. You may have to shake it every time you use it but I have not had this problem.  This is so so so so cheap and works really well.  I have a front loader and use only a tiny bit per load. Like a tablespoon or so for a small load and up to 3 Tbsp for a large one. 

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