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We had an amazing opportunity to take a trip on an Amtrak train to Washington state and wanted to share it with you.  We didn’t get photos of the Seattle Space Needle or the Fish Market, but what we did get were some really beautiful shots of the other places less traveled. Washington is such a beautiful state.  It is such a green place from all of the rain.  While there we would make frequent trips from Everett to Whidbey Island.  This was one of the islands on the way to Whidbey.  We always joked about living there. Isn’t it beautiful?  The boat makes the picture perfect I think.

Here is another shot of the trip to the island.  Beautiful isolated beach on the sound beckons us.

This is the view from our train that we took to Washington.  Isn’t it lovely with the early morning fog?

A beautiful little cove that offers a peaceful view of nature as a low lying bank of fog lifts.

Good morning in Washington as the sun peeks through the evergreen trees.

Hiking in the forest on the way to Whidbey Island.  Mr. Cottage decided to get out of the car and start hiking down this path.  It seemed like he was gone forever until mom and I finally got out of the car and started down the path after him (with the camera of course).  We were kind of worried at first but the pathway was so beautiful and the rare sunshine peeking through the canopy was stunning.  I loved all of the ferns growing along the pathway too.  We ended up finding Mr. Cottage at the very bottom of the mountain and the water’s edge.

A beautiful ranch along our way.

Sea lions resting on the logs and barking like crazy in Everett.

Geese and ducks walking on the pond in Everett, WA

Sea Lions enjoying their floating island at the port of Everett, Washington.

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