How Far Is Heaven? | California Trip Day 7

I can’t believe we are going home tomorrow. It’s the first thought that breaks through the unconsciousness of sleep. We settle in to the morning… getting dressed, putting on makeup, doing our hair, packing our suitcases and carry-on bags except for a few things we will need today. After we check in for our flight to get our seats we are going to take a bowl of soup to my 9 month pregnant cousin who has a cold before heading down to the beach, where aunt Debbie will meet us for dinner. 
I don’t want to leave California… It’s been so peaceful here. We’ve made so many wonderful memories on this trip. I hate to see it come to an end, but I guess all good things must. 
We drive down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway)  listening to Salvador’s “How Far is Heaven” as the salty breeze kisses our skin and the sun plays in our hair. It’s a dream we girls have had for years, I never thought that we would get to do it… but here we are. It’s seems so surreal, like a dream… and if I speak… or blink it will be gone… I blink hesitantly, holding my breath… I still hear the seagulls, smell the salt, I open my eyes again and its all still here in majestic splendor. Home.

My feet touch the sand, and I feel like I have wings. We walk toward the water slowly taking our time just to enjoy the sand. I can hear the water dawn a constant kind of roar. So peaceful… A teenage girl asks if I will take she and her friends picture. I quickly snap one on their cell phone for her and smile as she thanks me. I catch up with my family and we just stand there watching the waves come in and the sunlight playing across the water. This is another dream… watching the sunset in to the ocean. And God didn’t disappoint.

He gave us a gorgeous sunset to finish off our time here in California…

Another lady asks if I can take a picture of her and two other girls that are with her. I snap a few photos for them as they explain that they are from Michigan and have never been to the beach before. I smile and tell them that its the first time in a long time for me too.


Now we sit and watch the splendor of his handy-work. So Stunning…

… The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Psalms 19:1


Lord can you tell me?…How far is heaven?… Because standing right here, it sure feels awfully close…











I want to cry walking back to the car… I’m not ready to leave… We drive a few blocks to Mario’s and order dinner. Enchiladas! Mmmmm…. So delicious. Better than the any of the Mexican food back in Tennessee. From where I was sitting (I was sitting in our corner booth) I could see the little kid in the next booth, and so I kept him entertained by waving at him and playing Peek-a-boo with him. He was such a sweetie! And of course what would dinner be like if Aunt Debbie didn’t surprise Mr. Cottage by ordering an Ice cream for his birthday? The waiters all came and sang Happy Birthday to him. It was so funny, we all laughed so hard.

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