An enclosed chicken coop with a house above with a ramp and an enclosed run below to keep the chickens safe. It is by

How To Build A Chicken Coop ~ With Mr. Cottage & The Rosevine Girls

Want to know how to build a chicken coop? We had some unexpected visitors on our hands that kept getting into our aviary that Mr. Cottage built for the birds.

Photo of a hawk with blood on its face and beak after attacking chickens. Article tells you how to build a chicken coop to keep the chickens safe.


Here is a picture of our most unwelcome visitor inside of our chicken aviary after killing all of our bantam silkies.  We just felt like something was wrong and went down to the pen and this is what we found.  It was angry that we stopped its meal.


We think that it got in by squeezing into the roofing.  It was so heart-wrenching.  Mrs. Cottage and I rushed in and she held a stick like a baseball bat to protect her face and I went in behind her and got the door to the bird’s barn dugout (there were so many shavings that the door was stuck open) so there I am digging it out with my booted foot.  I was terrified.  Mrs. Cottage prayed a mile a minute but I got it done and all the rest of the birds into the barn with myself and Mrs. Cottage and we backed out the other barn door.  We were so scared.


Mr. Cottage and his boss stopped by and let the Buzzard out of the aviary and off it flew for the moment.  But sadly it came back daily and tried to find a way in.  We patched every spot we could think of, but still, it got in.  Finally, we had enough and decided to build another home for the birds.


Close up photo of a hawk with blood on its face and beak. Article tells how to build a chicken coop to protect your chickens by


Mr. Cottage -We made the run part out of 2×4’s and rabbit cage fencing. We placed the house on top of the run with the nesting boxes coming off the back and supported by poles. The frame for the house I made from 2X4s then cut the plywood to size and screwed it onto the frame.


On the floor of the house, we sprinkled DE ( Diatomaceous Earth) then put Linoleum over it to enable easier scrubbing and to help preserve the wood. I also made it so one side of the house opens to make cleaning easier.

For the nesting box I used a 2×2 for the frame and again cut the plywood to match my frame then screwed it on to the frame and attached it to the house. The nesting box door opens up to prevent the chickens from bumping the door open if it is accidentally left open. -Wink- (Not That ever happens…ahem) For the roof I cut the boards the length of the house and made them lay like shingles to help drain water off without actually using shingles.  I did the front of the house the same way. 
For extra support, I also added a 2×2 cross beam lengthwise across the house about a foot from the roof to help support it (Our street is nicknamed Tornado Alley for a reason).  For the chickens to come in and out we made a 1′ 2×4 frame and put it in the floor then made a ramp from scrap wood. After we finished the run and house we cut a hole in the wire roof of the run and inserted our homemade feeder into it.


I wasn’t sure they would like it after having so much room in the aviary.  I knew the answer when I saw this in the AM.  Yep, they had settled in just fine.

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