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How To Build A Chicken Feeder With Mr. Cottage

Today we are building a PVC self-feeding chicken feeder and we thought that we would bring you along with us. It is quite easy to make and makes feeding your flock so simple.  

Should I Hang My Chicken Feeder?

It does help to keep the chickens off the top of your feeder. This can also be used on a chicken tractor or in the run.

Where Should I Put My Chicken Feeder?

We have caps on the top of our feeders but the base where the chickens will eat are still wide open so they can access it. For that reason we still recommend putting it in a place that is covered to avoid getting your grains wet if a pop-up shower happens. It is always frustrating to have that happen after you feed your flock.  

How Do You Make A Chicken Feeder?

Stick with us, we are getting ready to show you now. 
Depending on what size you want to make you need the following.

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Shopping List For Your Chicken Feeder: 
PVC 2 couplers This has threads on one side.
2 Caps
PVC glue

Now you need to know the height of your run or how tall you want it in your barn or coop.
Our run is about 4′ tall and we have it there in the run so that you do not have to open it to feed the girls. In hindsight, I wish I would have put it in the coop because the rain gets into the part with the food.  Next time I will do this instead. I would make it at a comfortable height for you to pour the grain in it.

I made several so I used full-length tubes, but they also come in 4′ sections.  So take your hacksaw and cut the pipe.  Put glue on the outside of the pipe and inside the smooth side of your coupler.


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Insert the tube inside the coupler.  This is now the top used to pour in the chicken feed.   Screw on the cap to keep out the rain from the top of your feeder.  Turn over your pipe and apply glue.  Put the glue also on the top side of the “y” connector and insert the pipe.  You are now almost done!  Take the tube and turn upside down and add glue to the bottom of the “y” connector and also on the 2nd coupler, put them together, and screw on the cap.  Now you wait for the glue to dry.  When it is dry flip it right side up and strap onto your coup or your chicken run.  Then you are ready to fill it with your chicken feed.  Make sure you keep the lid on to keep out the moisture and keep your feed fresh.

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This is a self-feeding feeder, as the birds eat the food comes down the pipe and into the “Y” connector for the chickens to eat freely.  Just refill as it gets low.
The girls love it!!!

. I love it and recommend it!  Now if you will excuse me, I am back to my breakfast.


photo of a white and black chicken eating out of a homemade chicken feeder | | how to build a chicken feeder

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