How To Create A Beautiful Centerpiece For Christmas

Hello friends! We wanted to talk about today how to create a beautiful centerpiece for Christmas. It’s that time of year again, already Thanksgiving decor has disappeared in stores for Christmas decor to take its place. Whether we are ready for it or not the year has slipped away and carols have begun playing here at Rosevine Cottage and we’re on the verge of entering the Christmas rush. Leaving us to wonder how it possibly came so fast.

To help you prepare for Christmas we thought we’d teach you how to design a beautiful centerpiece for Christmas table!

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Decorating A Centerpiece For Christmas 

Crafting a beautiful Christmas table is one of my favorite Christmas tasks, it’s a bit like having a store window inside our house!

What you’ll need to create a centerpiece for Christmas :

beautiful centerpiece for Christmas table

Tips For Creating A Centerpiece For Christmas

Creating a beautiful centerpiece for a Christmas table is easier than you think, with some quick planning and gathering supplies you can make a professional-looking Christmas tablescape. We put together some tips to help you create one-of-a-kind Christmas table decorations.

  • Just like decorating a Thanksgiving table, you’ll want your Christmas centerpiece to be low enough that everyone can see each other.
  • Consider the decorations you have in place around your home and try to stick with that theme in your centerpiece for a Christmas table.
  • Keep in mind the shape and size of your table when coming up with your decorations for a Christmas table.
  • Less is more when it comes to decorations for a Christmas table.
  • Balance is key when designing a centerpiece for a Christmas table.
  • Try including natural elements into your decorations for a Christmas table like moss, fresh greenery, wood and even fresh fruit.
  • Lanterns and candles are great pieces to include in your centerpiece for a Christmas table.
  • Try adding a pop of color that goes with the rest of your Christmas decor.
  • Layering is always a beautiful look on a table, try layering plates on top of chargers, or layering your decor as we did for this look.
centerpiece for a Christmas table

How To Create A Centerpiece For Christmas

This Christmas centerpiece is one of my favorites that we’ve done, it reminds me of the Christmas Carol’s Christmas past. For this look, I was able to use some beautiful antiques and reproductions to create a charming centerpiece for Christmas table.

For this centerpiece for Christmas we used:

Begin by placing the table runner down the center of the table, follow that with three stacks of books (one in the middle, and two to either end of the table). Place flocked trees between the stacks of books to fill in the gaps in your centerpiece for the Christmas table. Sit a candelabra on the middle stack of books.

Place a wooden pull toy on either side of the candelabra and book stack. Sit mercury glass ornaments here and there on the table, for a touch of sparkle. Run LED lights down the table weaving it back and forth around your Christmas centerpiece. Add a cute miniature barn to one stack of books, and another small horse pull toy to the other stack of books. Place a letter or two here and there and this Christmas table is complete.

Beautiful christmas tablescape

Decorating A Christmas Tablescape

Decorating your table for Christmas is a fun way to create a festive space for your whole family to enjoy! A centerpiece for a Christmas table is a work of art and will set the tone for the meal as you gather with your loved ones. Remember to think outside the box when choosing decor, and even go hunt around the yard or neighborhood for beautiful natural elements you can incoperate- just make sure you’re not taking it from a neighbor’s yard.

Do you decorate a centerpiece for your Christmas table?

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