How to decorate a beautiful Christmas mantel

How To Decorate A Farmhouse Christmas Fireplace

Creating a beautiful Christmas fireplace doesn’t have to be a pain, with some thought and a bit of work you can create a gorgeous look that you can feel great about displaying when the family and friends come over.

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How to decorate a beautiful farmhouse Christmas fireplace #rosevinecottagegirls

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What Not To Do When Decorating A Mantel

Your mantel will often be the first thing you see when you walk into the room, so it’s important to make sure that your fireplace is decorated for Christmas.

When decorating your Christmas fireplace, there are a couple of things you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t just pile random stuff together on your mantel that doesn’t match the rest of your Christmas decor that compliments each other.
  • Don’t completely hide items when layering them for your Christmas fireplace.
  • Don’t pile so much stuff on your mantel that it looks cluttered.

Crafting A Beautiful Christmas Fireplace

Creating a beautiful Christmas fireplace is really easy with some planning and just a couple of things you will have a gorgeous mantel in minutes. When you are planning on creating a Christmas fireplace, you’ll need a few things:

Some other things you may want to include in your Christmas fireplace

Tips For Decorating A Christmas Fireplace

Some things you should keep in mind while styling a Christmas fireplace:

  • Plan: Consider the size, style, shape, structure, and color of your mantel before you begin decorating. Figure out what style you want to decorate your Christmas mantel.
  • Balance: when decorating a Christmas mantel keep in mind that either side of your mantel should have decor that is the same height. Try to mirror the other side of your mantel.
  • Focal Point: Use a large piece of art in the middle of your Christmas mantel and build around it.
  • Color: Use colors that you will find in the Christmas decor around your home in your Christmas mantel.
  • Layers: Use layers to create a gorgeous Christmas mantel. Place items over each other to create depth.
  • Sizes: Use different sized and shaped objects, start with taller objects in the back and then smaller ones in the front.
  • Classic look: To create a formal display by selecting a large focal piece for the center of your fireplace and then place matching pieces to either end of the mantel.
  • Less is more: You don’t want so much stuff on your Christmas mantel that it looks crowded or cluttered.
  • Odds work best: Instead of placing matching pieces together, place similar items together in groups of 3-5.
  • Relaxed look: To create a relaxed look lean a mirror or framed artwork against the wall.
How to decorate a beautiful farmhouse Christmas fireplace

Our Christmas Fireplace

For this Christmas fireplace, we went with a big piece of pallet art that we painted. To either side, we used silver and broken mirror cone trees from Biglots and Hobby Lobby. Across the front of our mantel, we used beautiful flocked pine cone and greenery garland with a pretty frosted berry garland beneath it. This gives our Christmas mantel a lot of depth and creates a pretty splash of color. We wove a strand of LED lights through the garland to give the mantel a bit of soft light.

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In front of our fireplace, we used a matching pair of antique crocks on either side of the fireplace and placed cute flocked tabletop trees in them. I picked these up at a yard sale a few weeks back, and I’m absolutely in love with them! We’ve been looking for some for years so when we happened to see them I knew they had to come home with us. They make a really cozy addition to our Christmas mantel that draws the colors from the mantel down to the floor.

How to decorate a beautiful farmhouse Christmas fireplace #rosevinecottagegirls

Decorating A Christmas Mantel

It’s easier then you think to create a beautiful Christmas fireplace, that will make your home feel warm and inviting. This is one of my favorite Christmas mantels that we have done, and it came together so quickly. Think outside the box and try different things until you create a look that you love!

What do you think? What catches your eye?

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