How To Decorate A Front Door Entrance When You Don’t Have A Porch

Ever wonder how to decorate a front door entrance, when you don’t have a front porch? Wonder no more! We’re tackling how to decorate a front door today and going to share our best tips and advice to create a welcoming entrance to your home.


The front door and entryway to your home are important to decorate because it sets the stage for the rest of your home and is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your door. This space sets the stage for the rest of your home and helps to create a welcoming environment.


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How to decorate a front door entrance for curb appeal and to create a welcoming looking. #RosevineCottageGirls

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How To Decorate A Front Door Entrance


When decorating a front door entrance you should carry out the feel of your home, draw the colors and textures from the inside out into your entry. When decorating a front door entrance it’s best to decorate using vertical items,  that way you don’t take up all of the floor space or make it difficult to access your front door. Make the most of the walls and ceilings by hanging pots. Don’t go crazy and overdo, otherwise, your entry area can become cluttered and overwhelming and that isn’t what you want it to feel like.

Find a balance, try to mirror your decor on either side of your door to keep everything cohesive. If there is room try adding pairs of pots, urns or other types of planters in twos and threes to the sides of your door for an interesting focal point.


What You Need To Decorate A Front Door Entrance


Decorating a front porch entrance can be really intimidating, but we promise there is nothing to be afraid of- and perfection for you (doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s porch. Just do us a favor? That being said here are some budget-friendly things you can use to decorate your front porch entrance:


  • Pretty planters – the ones on this porch are actually plastic and we saved them from some dwarf roses that we got off the clearance rack and planted in the garden.
  • Flowers – we get almost all of ours by starting seeds, or the clearance rack at our local stores like Lowes and Walmart. We’ve been able to find so many beautiful plants or plants that with a little TLC will be beautiful again for a great price.
  • Something for the door – we’ve used wreaths, we’ve used baskets with flowers and all kinds of things be creative as you want to!


How to decorate a front door entrance for curb appeal and to create a welcoming looking. #RosevineCottageGirls


Front Porch Planter Ideas

Adding a container garden when you decorate a front door entrance goes a long way to making a space feel more friendly. Try adding a set of matching urns to either side of your door or at the top of your steps to catch your eye. Or layer your pots to either side of the door with a tall one in back to give it a different look. Add some pots that match the color of your decor down the stairs to draw your colors down to the sidewalk.

If your front door gets full sun try some of our favorites like:

Moss roses
Garber Daisies
Sweet Potato Vines
Creeping Jenny

For front door entrances in the shade try planting:

Torenia (AKA wishbone flowers)
Littletunia series petunias (make sure you check the tag, as some petunias need full sun)
Rex begonia
Lenten roses (AKA hellebores)


How To Layer Your Container Gardens


Try layering several of these plants together in pots and planters for a fuller more vibrant effect when decorating a front door entrance. Choose a short plant, or one that creeps and place that around the edges of your pot, then something with a bit more hight and a splash of color behind it. In the center plant something taller than the rest of the plants.


Decorating A Front Door Entrance


With some choice pieces, you can create a beautiful entry to your home that will greet you every time you get home. It doesn’t have to be expensive or hard, and it definitely doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. Create a space that brings a smile to your face every time you see it and makes home feel that much more special.


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