Best Fall Decor For Small Front Porch

It may still feel like summer here in Tennessee but pumpkins are on our mind! So this week we got our stash of fall decor out and style our porch. The porch steps are one of my favorite areas to decorate every year, but I always struggled with the porch itself. We have a really narrow porch and decorating said narrow porch can be a little tricky, so today we are going to show you how we managed fall decor for small front porch for fall without breaking the bank.

Creating a cozy space on your porch using seasonal decor without breaking the bank is easier than you think! We put together a beautiful look to give the front of our brick house all the fall feels we love. 

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Photo of a porch decorated for fall, black bench with pillows, a wooden sign with pumpkin. Orange leaves on garland. (c) Rosevine Cottage Girls #RosevineCottageGirls Decor For Small Front Porch

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Decor For Small Front Porch

When looking for small front porch decorating ideas it’s important to keep in mind that you are setting the stage for the rest of your home. This is the first thing any passers-by or guest to your home will see, the first taste of your house that they will experience. It should be welcoming and inviting. It is curb appeal at its best.

To me, a welcoming porch looks like a cozy atmosphere, a place to sit, and of course, it needs flowers. Our front porch is really narrow, which has made styling it a bit of a challenge. We always wanted to put a swing up, and originally we planned to put the wicker beauty from Plow & Hearth up here but it was too large for this space (without taking off the railing- and let’s face it we are a clumsy family, we need that rail.). So we decided to use this gorgeous wooden bench we bought at the 400-mile yard sale a few years back, it’s the perfect size to fit on our narrow porch.

photo of a front porch decorated for fall with mums, pumpkins, a blanket on bench and colorful garland. (c) rosevine cottage girls Decorating a narrow porch for fall #RosevineCottageGirls Decor For Small Front Porch

When looking at decor for small front porch for fall, start with the basics, before you ever pick up a pumpkin set up the “bones” of your porch. Add functional things to your porch like:

  • A seating area – like a rocking chair, chair, bench or loveseat.
  • A small table – these come in handy when you need to sit your drink somewhere.
  • A container garden – adding flowers in unique pots is a great way to create layers and add a focal point.
  • Paint your door – give your door a fresh coat of paint, it’s amazing how different and new your door will look like after this.

Read more about how to decorate a porch, and how to decorate a shady porch.

Gorgeous fall front porch from the Rosevine Cottage Girls Decor For Small Front Porch - (c) Rosevine Cottage Girls | black bench with pillows and blanket. Pumpkins and wooden picture with blue pumpkin on it and colorful garland.

How To Get Decor For Small Front Porch For Fall On A Budget

Now that you have the basics done for decorating a small porch in place it’s time to add fall decor! Hobby Lobby is one of our favorite places to shop for fall decor- but that doesn’t mean you can’t find great fall decor (that doesn’t look cheesy) other places. Only one thing on our porch is from Hobby Lobby and that’s the beautiful pumpkin wreath on our door.

We are looking for Decor For Small Front Porch on a tight budget this year, so we are making do with the stuff we already have on hand or stuff we can make or remake to look like we want it to. This time of year Aldi has some great deals on fresh pumpkins and even mums, our local store is selling pumpkins for $3 and mums for $2.

Some great places to find beautiful fall decor without breaking the bank:

  • Aldi – Aldi will not always have pumpkins and mum in stock so check with them often. These two items tend to go really fast! But if you can get your hands on some it’s a huge way to save money on your outdoor fall decor.
  • Dollar Tree – This option is super budget-friendly, especially when you are looking for little pumpkins and foliage to build garland.
  • Craigslist & Facebook Market Place – These two options are a great way to find local people selling decor (just be smart and always meet people in a public place.
  • Find sales at Hobby Lobby, JoAnnes, Target, Ect. – Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t shop from these stores. Wait for sales to come around, even if it’s too late to add the piece to your decor this fall, you can save it for next season.
  • Yard Sales – this is one of my favorite methods of finding great fall decor on a budget.
  • Lowes – check to see if your local Lowes has a clearance rack in their garden center, we find all kinds of treasures at ours.
  • Amazon – Amazon has a great supply of farmhouse style and just fall decor in general.
  • Use coupons!!
How to decorate a narrow front porch for fall #RosevineCottageGirls Decor For Small Front Porch (c) rosevine cottage girls | Beautiful porch decorated for fall with mums in pots and pumpkins around a black bench with pillows and a warm blanket


What To Decorate A Small Porch With

Fall has to be one of my very favorite seasons to decorate for, I love all the textures and colors and the cozy feelings this season brings with it. You can use almost anything to bring those fall feels into your porch decorations, pumpkins, cornstalks, mums, scarecrows, the list is almost endless. Your home is yours and should be unique to you, don’t like traditional fall colors? Use neutral tones or pinks and purples or even greens, grays and blues, in your fall decor. Love it simple, go with a few simple pumpkins and a wreath. Like your fall decor lush and full go for it!

Whether your style is modern, classic, old fashion, farmhouse or any other mix find fall decor that works for you. Don’t be afraid to make your own decor and think outside the box while decorating a narrow porch for fall. Some of my favorite things to use when looking for decor for small front porch for fall are:

Photo of a porch decorated for fall, black bench with pillows, a wooden sign with pumpkin. Orange leaves on garland. (c) Rosevine Cottage Girls #RosevineCottageGirls Decor For Small Front Porch

How To Decorate A Small Front Porch

Once you have the base for decorating a small front porch for fall, and your fall decor picked out its time to start decorating. I like to start decorating our porch by tackling the stairs first and then carry the look, up to the door, and then either end of our porch. Keep in mind while your decorating

  • People need to be able to get to the door safely.
  • If you have kids or elderly living in your home they need to be able to reach the banister.
  • If you are using live plants you’ll need to keep them watered.

Begin your decor for small front porch by layering your mums and pumpkins on the stairs leaving a wide space to get up the steps. Try stacking pumpkins and gourds for added height, use buckets and baskets to create texture. Use different colored pumpkins to add focal points.

Draw the decor you used on your stairs up to either side of the door, consider adding urns or large planters, crocks topped with pumpkins, etc. to give it some height. Select a large wreath, and place a wreath on the door in the same colors that you used up the stairs and on either side of the door.

Add pumpkins, mums, or even a scarecrow to your seating area. I like to drape a chunky blanket on my chairs or bench and add cute throw pillows to create a cozy space to enjoy our fall decor.

How to decorate a front porch for fall #RosevineCottageGirls


How We Managed Decor For Small Front Porch At The Cottage

This year we went with a bold look for our narrow front porch, with lots of orange pumpkins and bright colored mums. To one side of the porch, we created a cozy sitting area surrounded by lots of mums and pumpkins. Over the bench, we placed one of our gorgeous pallet pumpkins we painted last season. It really pulls the gray/blue tones out of the brick and makes a great focal point. This corner of the porch is just a little dark so we draped a creamy white blanket over the bench, added some light throw pillows, and a gorgeous blue pumpkin (can you believe that baby came out of our garden???).  To either side of our narrow porch, we added mums and pumpkins alternating. These make it feel a bit like a pumpkin patch and so welcoming and cozy.

To the other end of the porch, we filled a wagon with mums, added a few crocks to the with faux pumpkins and flowers, some more mums and real pumpkins and an old fashion mailbox to draw the look from the other side of the porch. On the stairs, we alternated colorful pumpkins, guards, and squash with mums in baskets and buckets.

Beautiful fall front porch steps by the Rosevine Cottage Girls

Need some more inspiration? Check these out!

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