How to decorate farmhouse style #rosevinecottagegirls

How To Decorate Farmhouse Style In Your Home

Two of the top questions we get is how to decorate farmhouse style, and where we get our farmhouse decor. For the last couple of years, farmhouse decor has been a huge trend.


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How to decorate farmhouse style #rosevinecottagegirls

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What Is Farmhouse Style Decor? And How Do I Decorate Farmhouse Style


Maybe you’ve heard about ‘farmhouse style’ but you aren’t really sure what that is and what the obsession is. Farmhouse style is simple, it can be a bit old fashioned, it’s using antiques and refurbished pieces that you would see on a farm or in the country as decor elements. It’s usually a really neutral color pallet, as a nod toward a time when bright colored paint wouldn’t be easy to get your hands on. Family heirlooms, vintage quilts, and even old pieces of architectural salvage find new life in a farmhouse style.


Why Decorate Farmhouse Style


For us Farmhouse style matches our life, it’s simplistic, it’s raw, and it brings together the past and the present in a beautiful display. It gives us the freedom to display our collections of antiques without them feeling out of place and brings a feeling of peace. We love how it brings together textures that you don’t normally see in a home and breathes new life into things that would normally be thrown away.


How To Decorate Farmhouse Style: Where To Start


Begining to decorate your home in a farmhouse style, is a bit of a journey especially if you are transitioning from another style. How to decorate farmhouse style, begins with the basics.



How To Decorate Farmhouse Style: Home Decor


A big part of decorating farmhouse style is in the little pieces that add character, the farmhouse look is all about things the look old, or you might see in a vintage farmhouse. Old farmhouses wouldn’t have access to a lot of paint colors, they’d be filled with handmade items or things passed down from generation to generation. Not new but well-loved pieces that tell a story.


Some of our favorite places to find Farmhouse Style Decor:


How To Decorate Farmhouse Style


Our home wasn’t always farmhouse style, but it always had that old-fashioned feel so going farmhouse style wasn’t all that hard. But that isn’t the case for everyone. Our best advice for someone wanting to decorate their home farmhouse style would be to start small, one piece at a time. Get the basics done first, start with paint, as you can add molding or subway tiles to your kitchen and bathroom.


Then find those big decor elements that you’ll use over a fireplace or as the main piece of decor on the wall that will really set the look and finally fill in with little pieces. Making the switch is way easier than you’d think especially now that places like Walmart are carrying farmhouse-style decor. Don’t go crazy and cover every surface and wall, but make sure you have some large piece to catch your eye in every room.


Need some more farmhouse decor inspiration? Check out LizMarieBlog! She is one of our all-time favorites.


Farmhouse Style Decor


Over the last few years, the farmhouse style has become a huge sensation, and for good reason. Its simplicity and the nostalgic feeling it creates help to bring the feeling of bygone days into your home. It’s raw and real in a good way, an opportunity to refurbish and “recycle” and mix and match, and bring old battered things back to life as something new.


Are you decorating farmhouse style? What do you love about this look?



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