How to decorate a bedroom for Christmas with a cozy farmhouse feel #rosevinecottagegirls

Decorating A Bedroom For Christmas In 4 Easy Steps

You’re in the middle of decorating your home for Christmas, and maybe you’re wondering about decorating a bedroom for Christmas? We’re so glad you asked! We just finished getting our master bedroom decked out with holiday cheer and we’re so excited to share it with you all.

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Dresser decorated for Christmas | Decorating a bedroom for Christmas with a cozy farmhouse feel #rosevinecottagegirls

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Decorating A Bedroom For Christmas: The Essentials

Decorating a bedroom for Christmas isn’t rocket science, but there are some things that really help you to achieve that cozy Christmas feel you are longing for.

  • Lights – for me nothing beats that warm Christmas lights glow. It’s the perfect nightlight when you’re curled up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.
  • Garland – garland is decorating a bedroom for Christmas essential for me! It makes a space feel so warm and inviting.
  • Cozy bedding – Around this time of year we like to switch out our normal sheets and comforters for thick super soft ones. Things like flannel sheets and down comforters. You can add a pretty duvet cover to add heat and keep the comforter clean.  Mattress warmers are another great thing to add to your bed if you are in a colder climate or prone to be cold. A winter throw can be added to the end of the bed for color and extra warmth.
  • Christmas tree – we have a collection of trees all over the house, but my favorites for bedrooms are skinny ones or tabletop trees.
  • Some other fun things I like to include are wreaths, cone trees, Christmas stockings, Christmas village, candles, and antique treasures along with pretty mercury glass ornaments.
How to decorate a bedroom for Christmas with a cozy farmhouse feel #rosevinecottagegirls

4 Steps To Decorating A Bedroom For Christmas

  1. When decorating a bedroom for Christmas start by deciding on the overall style and look you want to achieve. Then clean of dressers and flat surfaces so you have a clean slate. Make sure you wipe down everything to remove dust or cobwebs before you begin decorating.
  2. Next up style your dresser as you would a mantel, make sure you use pieces of equal size and shape on either side of the dresser. Layering is a great technique to use when it comes to decorating a dresser for Christmas. Make use of tabletop trees, garland, and even Christmas figurines and antiques.
  3. Once your dresser is finished focus on the bed, use cozy bedding, add some garland to the headboard and even a wreath above the bed. If you don’t normally have something above the bed, it’s a great place to hang a larger piece of art. Go with something that will take up a good chunk of the space and create a focal point.
  4. After the bed is finished look around the room and see where you can add some more Christmas cheer without making your room crowded. Hang a wreath, add some electric candles to the window and if you have room a Christmas tree. Check out our Amazon storefront for our favorite trees for Christmas bedrooms and the best tree collars!
How to decorate a bedroom for Christmas with a cozy farmhouse feel #rosevinecottagegirls

Tips On How For Decorating A Bedroom For Christmas

Decorating a bedroom for Christmas is always one of my favorite places to style. I love how cozy it makes the room feel, so we compiled our best tips on how to decorate a bedroom for Christmas:

  • Decorate dressers and headboards as you would a mantel: use garland, stockings, tabletop trees, and even Christmas lights and village to create a beautiful cozy Christmas look.
  • Maximize floor space by using tall skinny trees or tabletop trees.
  • Use decor that compliments what is already in your bedroom.
  • Put away decor from other seasons in totes, and anything extra that isn’t absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t go crazy and stuff every flat surface full of stuff, use a tasteful amount of decor to achieve a balanced look.
  • Don’t use a bunch of different colors, instead find Christmas decor that compliments each other and use that.
  • Use doors, windows, and even armoirs to hang Christmas wreaths.
  • Hang Christms stockings from drawer pulls in dressers.
  • Skinny Christmas tree
  • Green strand Christmas lights
  • Mercury Glass Ornaments

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How to decorate a bedroom for Christmas with a cozy farmhouse feel #rosevinecottagegirls

What We Used To Decorate A Bedroom For Christmas

For this Christmas bedroom look, we used:

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How to decorate a bedroom for Christmas with a cozy farmhouse feel #rosevinecottagegirls

Decorating Our Bedroom For Christmas

The first thing you see when you walk in our master bedroom is the bed, so we wanted to make sure it really set the expectation for the rest of the room. You guys know how much we love using antiques in our home, and this bed has a very old-fashioned look to it. Over the headboard, we added some simple red winterberry garland for a splash of color.  We also went with white lace sheets and soft fluffy pillows which really pop against the beds coloring. At the foot of the bed, we added an adorable chest for a pop of color against the dark wood. It makes the perfect display for our antique copy of the Christmas carol.

On the armoire, we wanted to carry our creams around the room so we added a beautiful cotton wreath. It’s simple and yet gives a really warm feel.

Over the dresser, with the mirror, we draped a very long piece of simple green garland with Christmas lights woven around it. This really gives the room that warm cozy glow! On the dresser itself we styled cone trees, tabletop trees, and vintage silver candlesticks with a simple country church and willow tree angels. On the other dresser, we went with a display of some family heirlooms and antiques styled together to create a very nostalgic look.

This article contains affiliate links.

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