How To Make Chicken Wire Napkin Rings

We love unique things here at the cottage, things that tell stories, and remind you of bygone days. I’ve been kind of obsessed with chicken wire since I saw the dresses made of it on Pinterest -I think I hear angels singing every time look at it. Yes, one day I will get around to making them (don’t tell Mr. Cottage, I don’t think he could take it). But in the meantime, I’ll content myself with making napkin rings to go with my country napkins.

What you will need:


Fake flowers

Decide how big you want your napkin rings to be, cut the wire and roll into a circle. Line up the ends and twist together leaving a hole in the center for the base of your flower.

Insert two fingers on either side and stretch the wire into the correct shape.

Squeeze the base of the flower through the wire, you want it to fit snuggly. If there are any loose wire twist them together around the flower.

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