Easy Homemade Raised Bed Soil Mix

Whether you’re new at gardening or a seasoned pro garden soil is always going to be important, so today we are sharing how we make our own raised bed soil mix from scratch. We have used this mix for years for all of our raised beds (or even pots and containers), and love the results we’ve gotten with our plants.
This homemade raised bed soil mix keeps our plant’s happy and healthy all season long, which means we get a better harvest at the end of the season. The best part of this mix, it’s organic, all-natural, and super easy to make. 
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Making Raised Bed Soil Mix

I don’t think there is anything better than working in the garden with the sun on your skin and the breeze teasing your hair as you care for tender shoots of plants. Or that accomplished feeling you get when you stand back and look at what you’ve accomplished, or that feeling of knowing where the food on your table came from, what went on it, and just how fresh it is. 
Gardening has been a family thing at the Cottage, I grew up watching my grandmother tenderly care for her beloved roses and working in the yard with my mom and dad.
Every spare second of summer is spent outside (usually barefoot) working in our many different gardens, I love the smell and the peacefulness of working out there. Watching the early morning sunlight spill over the back pasture and touch the brilliant sunflower petals and caress the dew on the tomatoes. The bees quietly buzzing between squash flowers, and rainbows dancing through the spray from the hose. 

What Should I Fill My Raised Bed

What you fill your raised beds with really depends on you, you can pick up packaged raised bed soil mix at your local garden center. You can use regular topsoil if you need to, organic, not organic, or you can make it yourself as we do. The important thing is to pick what will work for you. Whether you want to go with organic raised bed soil mix or just regular soil mix it’s up to you.

Why Make Your Own Raised Bed Soil Mix

We like to make our own raised bed soil mix because we know exactly what’s in it, and its a great way of recycling and using the compost from the chicken coops. You can learn more about starting a compost in this article. I like the control making our own raised bed soil mix gives us, and the fact that we can adjust it easily as needed which means we can make the perfect mixture for my blueberry bushes or to grow tomatoes and lettuce in. 


Can I Fill My Raised Bed With Just Compost

While you can fill your raised beds with just compost, you run the risk of having soil that drains too fast. This will wash away the nutrients your plants need. If your compost isn’t well-rotted it will burn your plants which means it’s best to use a raised bed soil mix that will have everything your plants need to thrive. 


How To Make Raised Bed Soil Mix

This is the base raised bed soil mix recipe for all the soil we use in our raised beds, for individual plants we adjust it as necessary. For blueberries, we add things like coffee grounds to the soil also. 


1/3 Vermiculite
1/3 Peat Moss
1/3 Composted Manure


Pour your ingredients for the raised bed soil mix into a wheelbarrow or raised bed and mix well. When it’s well combined smooth into your raised bed, don’t press or pack it in you want it to stay light and fluffy. Make sure you fill your raised bed as much as you can (without it washing out when it rains) to give the roots of your plant’s plenty of room to grow.

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