How To Make Your Own Seed Tape

The gardens are growing so quickly, our first batch of lettuce is already ready to harvest! So we’ve been working on getting our second batch in the ground. Lettuce can be a bit of a pain to get growing properly so we decided to make seed tape. This method is great for veggies that need to be thinned like carrots and onions or flowers and super easy to make.
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What you will need:

Toilet paper
Small Bowl
Small paintbrush
Tape Measure


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How To Make Your Own Seed Tape


This is a super easy spring garden project, you can even get the kiddies involved in making these. With the handful of supplies above and a few easy steps you’ll have all the seed tape you could need,


  • Make a paste out of flour and water, you want it to be thick but still workable. Cut toilet paper the length of the place you wish to plant your seeds splint the paper in half.
  • Look at the back of your seed packet or look them up online to see how far apart they should be planted. Measure the distance with the tape measure and brush paste onto the paper.
  • Place the seed into the paste and fold the paper over. Allow the tape to dry.
  • Depending on how much tape you are making you may what to write on them so you know what they are.


How To Plant With Seed Tape


When it’s time to plant, use your hand or a hand shovel to dig a shallow trench where you’ll be planting. Lay the seed tape across the ditch and scoop the dirt back over the seed tape. Water the soil thoroughly. Keep the area where you planted the tape moist until seeds germinate. Store whatever tape is left in a ziplock bag in a cool place.


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