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How To Propagate Mint In 4 Easy Steps

Mint is a wonderful herb to have in your herb garden, it tastes and smells amazing and you can do so much with it. Instead of buying mint, why not try to propagate mint off an existing plant? Or Propagate mint to give to friends? Herbs make wonderful gifts for friends and family members that love to garden. 

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Fingers holding mint | How To Propagate Mint In 4 Easy Steps

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How To Propagate Mint

Can I Grow Mint From A Cutting?

Yes, mint is a plant that is very easy to propagate. You can do it two different ways, option 1: propagating mint in soil and option 2: propagating mint in water. Both methods of propagating mint are super simple and both will produce a rooted plant in a very short time.

Will Mint Root In Water?

Yes, mint will absolutely start rooting in water just like it would soil.

What You Need To Propagate Mint

To propagate mint you’re going to need a few things:

  • Scissors
  • Clean glass jar (depending on which method of propagating mint)
  • Pot
  • Compost or potting soil

How To Propagate Mint From Cuttings

Propagating mint is a wonderfully easy project that you can share with friends and family for gifts. This method is so easy to do, which makes it a perfect garden DIY to do with the kids.

How To Propagate Mint Step 1

To propagate mint you’ll want to take cuttings from the top growth of your mint plant, about 3 inches or 8 centimeters in length. Remove the lower leaves from the mint springs and cut the stem of the mint sprig just below the leaf node (the point on the stem where leaves emerge).

How To Propagate Mint Step 2

The next step to successfully propagate mint is to place the stems of the mint in a glass of water. Leave the glass in a light, airy place like a window until roots form on the stem.

How To Propagate Mint Step 3

The stems of your mint will take root within a couple of weeks. Once a good root system has developed on your mint it’s time to put them in a pot. Select a pot large enough to comfortably hold the roots of your newly propagated mint. Use a good well-rotted compost or potting soil to fill the pot and cover the roots of your mint plant. Firm gently around the plant and water the soil until it was moist. 

How To Propagate Mint Step 4

Keep the pot of mint indoors for a week, making sure that the soil stays moist. Once the plants have become established you can transplant them into the garden. 

How To Propagate Mint From Runners in 4 Steps

Now that we’ve covered how to propagate mint from cuttings in water let’s go over how to do it in soil. This is just as easy to do as the last tutorial you’re pretty much just skipping the water stage.

How To Propagate Mint From Runners Step 1:

Scoop away some of the soil to uncover a few of the mint runners.

How To Propagate Mint Runners Step 2:

Cut a runner that has a couple of upright stems of mint coming off of it.

Propagating Mint From Runners Step 3:

Select a pot that will comfortably hold your new mint plant and fill it with potting soil or compost.

Propagating Mint Runners Step 4:

Place the mint runner that you cut around 1 inch below the potting soil of your new pot. Keep the soil moist and wait a couple of weeks to see some mint shoots emerge from the soil.

Tips For How To Propagate Mint

Here are some of our best tips for propagating mint:

  • Check the leaves of your new mint plants regularly for a fungus called mint rust, which shows up as rusty spots on the underside of leaves. If you do spot it, destroy plants and try propagating again.
  • If the water begins to look murky change it out and return your mint cuttings to the water.  

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