How To Start A Homestead

Your homesteading journey starts here! Welcome to a grand new adventure, we warn you to start a homestead is a lot of work, and very addicting. Don’t worry you don’t have to know it all when you start, the beauty of homesteading is it’s the journey of a lifetime. You’ll always be learning. You don’t have to get it right the first time, but don’t give up!

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How To Start A Homestead Step 1: What Does It Take?

Learn everything you can about homesteading! It’s important to make sure that starting a homestead is the right choice for you. Learn the aspects of what homesteading involves, there are a lot of joys and blessings that come with homesteading, but there is also tons of work, time, energy, and investment involved in starting a homestead. It’s important to go into this with your eyes wide open. Chores, gardening, and caring for animals are physically demanding, you don’t get breaks or days off. Chores will always come first, despite heat, cold, rain, or snow. Can you handle that? Not everyone is cut out for a homesteading life.

How To Start A Homestead Step 2: Goals

Once you know what starting a homestead will take, and you are sure you want to embark on this journey it’s time to set goals for yourself. Keep your goals when it comes to starting a homestead manageable, precise, and achievable. It’s ok to start slowly and build up. Begin to flesh out what you want out of a homestead. Do you want to be on the grid, partially on the grid, or completely self-sustainable? Do you want to grow your own food? Raise your own meat? Keep dairy animals? Do you want it to be a hobby or a way of life? What is your end goal?

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How To Start A Homestead Step 3: Where

Where do you want to start a homestead? Fleshing out your goals will help you figure this part out, and help you decide how much land you will need to meet those goals. If you plan to keep a full-time or part-time job and just do homesteading as a hobby on the side you can get by in a more urban area or semi-rural area.

However, if this is going to be a full-time job you’ll need to be in a much more rural area where you’ll have room to grow your own food and raise animals.

How To Start A Homestead Step 4: The Right Property

The right property is important when you start a homestead. If you are going to be mainly growing crops very rocky or sandy soil makes it more difficult. If you are working is your homestead going to be too far from your job?

Some other important things to consider when picking out a property for a homestead is:

  • Does the property have a water source?
  • Does it have electricity?
  • If you are converting an urban house and yard into a homestead what animals are you allowed to have?
  • Does it have an HOA? What are their rules?
  • Does the property have out buildings that could be converted into animal shelters?
  • Is it fenced? Or will you need to do that?
  • What’s already growing on the property?
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How To Start A Homestead Step 5: Start Small

You don’t need to wait! Even if it’s some pots on your porch or balcony with a tomato and a few herbs. No matter where you live or what your situation is you can start the journey toward being more self-sufficient.

  • Grow herbs in a sunny window.
  • Start a container garden on your balcony, porch or patio.
  • Have a large backyard that is just growing grass? Put in a garden!
  • Need some shade in your yard? Try planting fruit trees!
  • Are you able to keep chickens or ducks? Add a coop to your yard to get fresh eggs!
  • Have a big piece of yard that would make a good pasture? Try raising goats or even pigs!
  • Learn to cook from scratch! What you can’t grow yourself or raise source from local farmers and homesteaders.
  • Bake your own bread.
  • Learn to preserve food.
  • Learn to make cheese, yogurt and other dairy products.
  • Keep bees.
  • Learn to raise your own food.
  • Have a bigger piece of property? Consider a dairy cow.

Start Your Homestead Journey

These three are a huge aspect of homesteading, and the beauty is you can start learning these now- even if you are gardening on your balcony and learning to cook from scratch instead of buying prepackaged food at the grocery store. The first steps of starting a homestead begin with becoming more independent.

How To Start A Homestead Step 6: Simplify

The homestead life often goes along with a more frugal and some ways minimalistic way of life. A big part of that is getting out of the cycle of needing the newest gadgets or clothes that drain your bank account and learning to recycle, fix and save. When it comes to homesteading often less is more, and many times there is a more affordable way to do something. It’s about not wasting your resources, organization, and planning to get the most out of what you have. Starting a homestead often requires removing things in your life that are taking up your time and resources so there is room for the new tasks homesteading brings with it.

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How To Start A Homestead Step 7: Find Community

Starting a homestead is a lot of work, a lot of learning, and a lot of energy. Finding a community that can help you along the way makes the journey much easier. Even if it’s just a handful of friends that will mentor you, you’ll soon discover just how priceless they are.

Starting A Homestead Step 8: Learn To Build And Repair


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A homestead requires many skills and not the least of them is being able to build and repair. This is where books, blogs, and YouTube are your best friend!

More Resources For Starting A Homestead

Here are a few more resources for getting a homestead started:

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