Iced In

Day 2 of being iced in. The ice encased branches are beautiful, it reminds me of a fairy-tale. 

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I just wish it wasn’t so destructive… It’s supposed to get to -17. We’re worried about the orchard and the chickens. Wish we had a big barn to put them all in. Hopefully the weather doesn’t kill the trees. We’ve lost a couple more big branches this morning as well as the entire top of our cedar tree

They plowed our street this morning (something they never do because we live in the country) Ok, to be honest they plowed half of it and not our half. (go figure!) It stops at our neighbor’s house.  Which is weird for us because, like I said our street never gets plowed… I don’t think I have ever even seen a snow plow before this morning if that tells you anything. I am thinking that the neighbor paid someone to do it so he could get out and work.  He owns his own company. 

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Mrs. Cottage is working on a hot breakfast. The bacon smells heavenly! What’s the weather like where you are?

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The table where we have our coffee in warm weather is now decorated with ice.
Down the 150′ driveway is pure ice and snow.

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