I’ll Be Back One Day | California Trip Day 8

I’ll be back one day. Promise. 

It’s early… our plane leaves in four or five hours. Between the bad service and the noisy neighbors this hotel has been lousy. We turned the car in a couple hours early along with “Gem” our trusty sidekick aka the Garmin that continually got us lost, and I do mean continually. We got breakfast at the Starbucks in the airport. And we sat… and we sat… and we watched the paramedics from Station 51 treating a lady who only spoke Spanish. Mrs. Cottage and I stared at each other trying not to laugh or say anything about that they are from the station from the 1970’s TV show Emergency! By the way I love that show!!!! LOL! Hey, it’s true… We finally board our 6 1/2 hour flight give or take a few minutes. The scenery (that I could see) was so beautiful! I kind of wish we could have driven back instead of fly.

That is if it weren’t for the awesome flight crew! Mr. Cottage kept leaning across the isle to steal Mrs. Cottage’s peanuts, The stewardess leaned over and asked Mrs. Cottage if he was bothering her and if she would like her to throw him off the plane. LOL! We were all laughing so hard, every time she would walk by she would have a quick quip to add like “I have my eye on you” or “I see you”.

I was sad to see our flight land in Chicago… but I was very ready to use a “normal” restroom not the teeny tiny version like on the airplane, which were closed for most of the flight due to turbulence. When we finally touched down our connecting flight was supposed to be boarding (ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!). So here we are running across the airport to reach where the next flight is boarding… ummm yeah well… our connecting flight was delayed… So we just ran across what feels like half the Chicago airport for no reason. Hey at least we weren’t the only ones that looked slightly crazy. And on the bright-side we got to stretch out some very sore muscles. Thirty minutes later we were on board for the last leg of the trip.

I have to say I was very happy to get off the plane when we touched down in Nashville at 10:00 PM, That is until we stepped outside. Nothing says “Home” quite like freezing weather… man I am so glad to be home… Yeah… right… 🙂  We stopped and picked up something for dinner and headed home.

Faith was so happy to see us when we walked in.  She didn’t quite know what to do with herself.


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