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It was a crazy, hectic day today.  We were supposed to have our birthday party tomorrow, but because of the car disaster, we girls decided that we didn’t need a party and that we would cancel.  Mr. Cottage took the day off anyway and we got work done around here.

I did some decorating (will reveal later here on the blog) made some crafty decor and cleaned the house.

I know I shouldn’t be, but I have been sad.  I am trying really hard not to lose my hope in people and I really miss my friends in Africa so much.

The day after my twin sister and I celebrated our birthday was on of my friend’s birthdays and it was so hard to have it pass without her here again for the second time.  I know she is doing the Lord’s work, but I miss her so much.  I miss her funny laugh and the way that she loved being at our house.  I miss the funny faces that she made and how she loved my mom.

It is hard to be away from those that you love.  I wonder if I will ever see her again…

We then went out to the orchard and picked the apples and pears.  Not many pears this year as a squirrel has taken up residence in Mrs. Cottage’s favorite pear tree and has eaten every one of them.  I am not kidding and the pear tree is taller than our house.  One hungry beast I tell you!  There are a lot of apples, though.

I was trying to be very diligent with the organic spray this year.  They are not beautiful apples but they taste good.  We have many full grown trees and then a bunch  that are the second year producing.  There are still many to pick.  I wish they were more beautiful.

We don’t have much of a garden this year and we usually take a bunch of produce to the Ronald McDonald house locally for the families that stay there.  When my sister and I were preemies we had to stay in the NICU.  My parents were able to stay at a Ronald McDonald house and a sweet lady brought oranges and grapefruits and stuff from her tree.  My mother promised one day she would do the same.  It is far from our house here but we try to bring a basket of our organic harvest there for them to enjoy.

While moving my now empty chicken coup I discovered a nest of baby mice.  They were so tiny and didn’t have their eyes open.  Can I say they were cute, so teeny tiny?  I had mercy and left them there and covered them with something to protect them.  I know when they grow up I will sure be sorry, but I can’t kill a baby.

I moved my last turkey in one of my chicken tractors and have them up with the remainder of my chicken flock so they can get to know one another again.   I sure miss all of my girls. It was so hard to get rid of them.

I stopped on my way up to the house and picked a huge amount of basil, so we have some to share and so it does not go to seed. I lost my poor cilantro that way.  I have the hardest time with cilantro here. I am not sure why.  It smells so good in here, though.

My heirloom tomatoes are finally green and a decent size.  These are our first tomatoes this year and usually, I have them out my ears.  A local bunny ate most of my plants so they were struggling to survive.  This has been such a strange growing year.  We had a  strange winter too!  I think the soil had too much nitrogen from the chickens.  Made pretty tomato plants but not so much flowing with fruit.  Live and learn, right?

Then this evening my sister and I walked to get the mail.  We were so excited to see that our photography greeting cards were in the mail.  We spent the evening separating them into sets and getting ready to offer them for sale.   🙂  So excited!

But for now… I am so sleepy.   We are so thankful for you.  Lord bless you, and good night.


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