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Is It Worth It?

Is It Worth It?


They asked me, “Is it worth it?” Let me tell you. Life at the Cottage isn’t always cute sundresses, fun photoshoots, cuddling adorable animals, flower beds full of flowers, and bountiful harvests. It’s not always smiles, and bare feet. Or quiet evenings on the porch. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows. It’s not always perfect, in fact, most of the time it isn’t.

Photo of a woman in a purple checked sundress and a straw sunhat. She is holding a deep green large basket by the handle and there is fresh picked lettuce, basil, parsley and other herbs in it. by RosevineCottageGirls.com Is it worth it?


Most of the time it looks like overalls, dirty hands, broken nails, blistered fingers, chipped polish, sore shoulders, tired feet, scratches, scrapes and sunburned skin. It’s tired, so tired all you want to do is drop in bed.



Photo of hands dirty from working in the garden held under running water to wash them clean by RosevineCottageGirls.com #Farmlifestyle #farm #countryliving #countrylife #garden #vintagesundress #simpleliving Is it worth it

It’s late nights and early mornings. Sometimes it’s a lot of tears and feeling like a failure, some days it’s hard to keep all of the balls in the air, and some days it feels a whole lot like failure. It’s loss and heartache and fighting losing battles.


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It’s falling in bed swearing you’re done, only to get up in the morning and start all over. Why? Because it’s worth it. It’s hard work, sweat, and laughter between tears.

Photo of a pair of gardening boots on the floor next to a pot with a beautiful bright pink hydrangea in it and in front of them are little chicks that are gathered together. One has wandered off and is looking at the boots in interest by RosevineCottageGirls.com Is it worth it post #Farmlifestyle #farm #countryliving #countrylife #garden #vintagesundress #simpleliving



It’s carefully raising plants and nursing sick animals back to health. It’s early morning treks to the chicken coop and quiet moments listening to the ducks play in their water bowls. It’s peaceful moments tending the garden and whispering heartfelt prayers.

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Lady in a purple checked sundress holding two young chickens (poults) in front of her. Is it worth it #Farmlifestyle #farm #countryliving #countrylife #garden #vintagesundress #simpleliving


It’s good days and bad. Some days you win and others you don’t, plants die, animals get hurt, and critters destroy what you worked so hard to make grow and protect. Predators break in and hurt the babies you raised and laughed at their antics. Projects don’t turn out how you wanted them to.

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Some days you feel defeated, some days you feel like you are on top of the world, and some days people point out your weeds instead of seeing the beauty and hard work that has been put in- and sometimes that person is you.

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But every moment is worth it because you grow and change with the very things you raised and planted. Yes, it’s hard. Yes. somedays we want to quit. It can be discouraging. Somedays it’s downright heartbreaking…

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Woman in a blue shirt and blue and white gingham skirt with an apron around her waist that is lavender and white gingham and there are three yellow chicks in the apron that she is holding. Is it worth it post rosevinecottagegirls.com #Farmlifestyle #farm #countryliving #countrylife #garden #vintagesundress #simpleliving

But it is also amazing adventures, laughter, and endless lessons in faith and perseverance. It’s learning new things, its simple moments that turn into beautiful memories. It’s learning to pray about everything and notice the little things. And it is totally worth it…

Woman in blue jean overalls and long braided hair holds a gold colored chicken. from Is it worth it by RosevineCottageGirls.com #Farmlifestyle #farm #countryliving #countrylife #garden #vintagesundress #simpleliving
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